Getting Going

I’m keeping the introduction short and sweet this morning. Today’s Morning Groove is “Get Em Goin'” by Euge Groove.

Why so few words? Because Mr. Groove is counting off on a song that brings a little bit of funk, a little bit of smooth jazz, and a whole lot of saxophone. The story behind the song and the album it is taken from, Just Feels Right, is that the artist wanted to take the recording process and sound back to 1976. It is said that no gear was used during the entire recording process that wasn’t available in 1976. I’ll just say that this song sounds as good in 2016 as it would have forty years ago.

Born Steve Grove in Hagerstown, Maryland, Euge Groove has been around as a solo artist since 2000. He has been a consistent presence on smooth jazz radio and on the smooth jazz charts. Today’s song was a #1 hit on those listings back in 2005, and it held that spot for two months. Upon graduating from the University of Miami, he stayed in the city and did session work there. Notably, his saxophone is heard on Exposé’s hit “Seasons Change.” He also toured with Joe Cocker and Tina Turner, before replacing Richard Elliot in Tower Of Power for four years. His latest album, Still Euge, was released on Friday.

If you need something funky to wake up to this Sunday morning, let this track be the one to get you going. I hope you enjoy today’s Morning Groove. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

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