This Doesn’t Happen To Me Everyday


One name, seven letters. So fraught with meaning, with memories for so many. Still going, if not necessarily strong, but going nonetheless. Still releasing music, some 30 years after her first song, “Everybody” was a dance club hit. When or if she decides that she doesn’t want to make music anymore, she will be mentioned alongside David Bowie in terms of how her image helped to define her music.

From her first early peak period, today’s song was released in the wake of her Like A Virgin album, which rocketed her to the top of the pop heap. Featured on the soundtrack to the movie Desperately Seeking Susan in which she had a pivotal part, “Into The Groove” is today’s Morning Groove.

Written by Madonna and Stephen Bray, “Into The Groove” remains one of Madonna’s best dance singles. Interestingly, the song was ineligible to chart on the Hot 100, Billboard’s Pop chart, due to the rules at the time. Those rules prohibited songs that were released on the B-side of singles (“Into The Groove” was released on the B-side of Madonna’s maxi-single for her hit “Angel”) to make the chart. Nevertheless, “Into The Groove,” co-listed with “Angel” hit #1 on the Dance charts, and made the R&B top 20. It was also cited as the best dance single of the 1980s, according to the same Billboard magazine. Further, on her remix album You Can Dance, the song was given an amazing remix by DJ/producer Shep Pettibone that enhanced the song’s appeal even further, at least for me.

The video for the song, having been played seemingly non-stop on video shows at the time, features clips from Madonna’s movie debut, Desperately Seeking Susan. It also shows Madonna dancing in a nightclub as part of the scenes. Back then I always wanted to be in that club, dancing with Madonna. It looked like so much fun. In those days, Madonna songs featured lots of dancing, and it was reported that she always wanted to be a dancer. What “Into The Groove” proved to be was another step on the rung to her becoming the biggest female pop star of the decade, and an icon for years to come. Though I have to admit I have long stopped following Madonna’s music as intently as I once did back in the day, it is admirable to see her still releasing music, even if it doesn’t rule the pop world like it once did.

So, get “Into The Groove” this Monday morning! Share your thoughts and memories about Madonna in the comments, if you so choose. I hope you enjoy today’s song, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

33 Replies to “This Doesn’t Happen To Me Everyday”

    1. Early Madonna (1982/3-mid 90s) I liked a lot. Later Madonna I still like but not as much. Somewhere after Ray Of Light, I started turning up missing for Madonna albums. But like you say, a force to be admired and reckoned with. Even today.

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      1. That is probably true. She is originally from Michigan. She went to New York and cut a dance record called “Everybody” which was a club hit (a version of it eventually made it on her first album). “Holiday” got her noticed in pop circles; “Borderline” pretty much started her stardom rolling. The rest, as they say, is history.

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      2. Those are pretty good. A few I like are “Material Girl”, “Crazy for You”, “Into the Groove”, “Live to Tell”, “Papa don’t Preach” and “La Isla Bonita.” There’s a few more I like from the 90’s but not as many as from the 80’s.

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      3. I like all of those. I’ll take everything from the first Madonna album. Well, maybe not everything. But I agree, there’s a lot from both decades that I like from her.

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    1. The joke I used to make was that as her singing got better, I started listening to her less. That’s not exactly true. She actually got better as a singer way before I started getting away from her music. I think the Music album was the last one I got, and that was for my daughters more than me. That’s when I knew I was moving away from her music.

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    1. Thanks, Joan! She was very popular when I was in high school and college too. I remember Like A Virgin coming out when I was a freshman in college. It wasn’t long after that she became a global star and icon.

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  1. I’m really late on this one T but as you know I’m a huge Madonna can or WAS. I’m in love with the 80’s and 90’s Madonna. She helped mild me into a strong independent chic showing me I could “Express Myself” and be whoever I wanted to be with no limitations. Fantastic post and I’m feeling the groove 💜

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    1. Thanks, Lennon! I remember you saying before how much you admired Madonna, and don’t worry, I know autocorrect when I see it!

      Like you, I was a big fan of her music through the 80s and into the 90s. I think in one of the earlier comments I said that the Music album I got for my daughters, which might have been the first one that I didn’t actually get for myself. Many of her latest releases I haven’t even heard, let alone purchased. But she was a true icon of pop, a trendsetter and a legend.

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