All My Wildest Dreams Come True #RomanticTuesday

Does anyone still remember this guy? The one-time winner of American Idol? The “Velvet Teddy Bear”? Whether you do or not, today’s #RomanticTuesday song is performed by Ruben Studdard (the guy in question).

Believe it or not, Studdard has been making music since the show; however his album sales have gotten smaller and smaller. Where his first two albums after his victory on the talent show sold over 2 million copies, each album after that has sold less than the previous one before it. That doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t been making good music though. Today’s song is a remake of the standard “The Nearness Of You,” made famous by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but sung by countless others. Their version is rightly considered a classic. Studdard’s version takes the song in a different direction, recasting it as a slow jam fit for the Quiet Storm.

I suppose I could have saved this for a Jam It Slam It post, but I usually choose songs that are more recent than this one. This one is actually two years old, but I heard it for the first time last week. I have to admit, I like it. It is very smooth, and the song is a romantic classic; it just so happens to be done in a new and different way. I don’t have a poll for this one, but feel free to voice your opinions on this song in the comments.

Enjoy today’s #RomanticTuesday song, and thanks for reading and listening.



24 Replies to “All My Wildest Dreams Come True #RomanticTuesday”

      1. Did you hear Kelly Clarkson’s recent song about her father abandoning her when she was a kid? Wow… it was really powerful. I saw a movie about Fantasia on Lifetime sometime back. She was a teen mom if I remember correctly.

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    1. That could be the case also, Ron. His last album though is full of time-tested covers, like today’s song, and a duet with Lalah Hathaway on Marvin & Tammi’s “If This World Were Mine.” It could be that the songs that were chosen for this last album have been done so much no one wants to hear them again, but the songs that I have heard from the album were well done, and he sounds good. So I’m not sure what it might be in his case.

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  1. HAAAAAY Twin!

    I love the little pretty picture that you used!
    All rosey and erything! You so romantical!

    I simply cannot be bothered with Ruben Studdard and I just don’t know why! It’s sad because the man can sing and he is from my other home state of Alabama.

    But for some reason, I just can’t! And that’s not my happy “I just can’t.’

    This is more of a —- I CAINT!

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    1. LMAO @ romantical! Now all I need is that smooth loverman voice!

      No can do with Ruben, huh? Apparently you are in with a lot of others, as his album sales have steadily declined since his American Idol days. Though I can’t find any accurate numbers for what this latest album did sales-wise. While I haven’t heard the whole thing, what I have heard (and that includes his duet with Lalah Hathaway) isn’t that bad. No, it doesn’t set the world on fire, but like you say, he can sing. People with less talent have sold far better.

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