Flashback Friday: All For You/The Glow Of Love

By 2001, Janet Jackson was rolling along with hits galore. In her partnership with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jackson had managed four hit albums in a row with lots of great singles. Her fifth album with Jam & Lewis, All For You, was released in 2001, with the title song as the first single. From the moment it hit the airwaves, Janet had another big hit on her hands—a #1 hit on both the Pop and R&B charts. In fact, the song was #1 on the Pop chart for seven weeks. Even today, it makes the head move and sometimes I’ll even dance to it. But…

…something felt a bit off on the song. While Jam & Lewis had used samples of other songs before in making hits for Janet (the lift of a portion of The Supremes’ “Love Child” on her song “You Want This” is one example), they didn’t quite sample or lift quite as much as they did for “All For You.” I liked Janet’s song; but I liked it better when it was called “The Glow Of Love” by Change.

Change was a disco group created by Guadeloupian producer Jacques Fred Petrus with his partner Italian Mauro Malavasi. Heavily influenced by Chic, they created their debut album also entitled The Glow Of Love by creating tracks overseas and then looking for vocalists in the United States to sing them. Among the singers they recruited were Jocelyn Brown, and on this particular song, Luther Vandross. Vandross sang the lead on both “The Glow Of Love” and “Searching,” and it wasn’t long after both songs hit the R&B chart that Vandross would release his solo debut, Never Too Much, in 1981. For Vandross, it was the beginning of a great solo career. For Change, it meant recruiting another male lead vocalist. That singer would be James “Crab” Robinson, who would sing the male leads on the group’s second album, Miracles. Vandross would also sing on that album, but only in the background. It is said that Vandross and Petrus could not agree to terms, which is why there are no lead vocals from Vandross on the album.

Whether you prefer “All For You” or “The Glow Of Love” or both, I hope you enjoy today’s Flashback Friday. As always, I thank you for reading and listening, and I hope you have a great weekend! 

12 Replies to “Flashback Friday: All For You/The Glow Of Love”

  1. Glow of Love was a staple of Walmart radio towards the end of last decade when it was in its repetitive phase… I’d hear it two or three times a week not long after my shift started at 10 PM. That was my only exposure to the song before until today! Thanks!.

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  2. NO YOU DID NOT HOLLER, “…I liked it better when it was called “The Glow of Love” by Change!
    Twin you got me rolling on the floor!
    I feel you on this one! They completely lifted that jam. Terry and Jimmy Jam must have been too busy that day for creativity!
    “The Glow of Love” always takes me everywhere I want to go! LOOTHA is the bomb!!!

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    1. I DID do that! Absolutely it was better the first time ’round! I’m pretty sure the part is just looped, but still. It’s basically the same damn song with new lyrics on top and a hopped-up drumbeat. I love Jam & Lewis, but I gotta call ’em out on this chicanery!

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