Smooth Jazz Sunday: Adia

I’ve decided to give my Sunday instrumentals posts a category name. Going forward, the Sunday Morning Groove posts will now be categorized as Smooth Jazz Sunday posts. I will admit, it isn’t much in the way of creative or inspiring. Nevertheless I named it, and that is what the Sunday music posts will be called. The songs featured each Sunday will primarily be those in what is called the smooth jazz genre, or what I generally say is instrumental pop music. There will also be instrumental songs from R&B and pop groups as well, and maybe even an occasional straight up jazz song.

Kicking off this week’s Smooth Jazz Sunday is Richard Elliot. Elliot has been around quite a while; much like last Sunday’s featured artist, Euge Groove, he spent time in the Tower Of Power horn section before going solo. In fact, Euge Groove replaced Elliot in the horn section. While there should be some new music from Elliot coming soon, I reached back to his Chill Factor album from 1999 for today’s song. The album is one of my favorites of his, and one of the better tracks on it is his take on Sarah McLachlan’s 1998 smash “Adia.”

Elliot’s take on the song is much like McLachlan’s vocal—he doesn’t push the melody too hard, and he saves what forceful blowing there is in the tune for the chorus. On the uptempo numbers, Elliot can be known for going full-throttle on the horn, but generally he maintains a cooler approach throughout this album, and especially on this song.

For me, this is a perfect way to kick off Smooth Jazz Sunday: a cool track that is an easy going way to start, or end your day. I hope you enjoy today’s song, and as always thanks for reading and listening.

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