Smooth Jazz Sunday: Push It Forward

A couple weeks ago, I featured Euge Groove and his song “Get Em Goin’.” This week, I’ve chosen a song from his latest album Still Euge. Today’s featured track is called “Push It Forward.”

Still Euge is more of what smooth jazz listeners have come to expect from Euge Groove: well-produced songs based in his love of R&B and gospel music, with a few twists and turns to keep his listeners intrigued. Ever since I got the album two weeks ago, it has been in heavy rotation, with this song and the title track among my favorites. Also featured on the album are vocalists Oleta Adams and Rahsaan Patterson. If you’re a fan of smooth jazz, you should take a listen to this album. I think you will enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and listening, and I hope you enjoy today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday song.

10 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Push It Forward”

  1. Very smooth. Did you know that Rahsaan Patterson was on this kids show called “Kid’s Incorporated.” I don’t think that he makes a big deal out of it now.
    Here’s one of my faves from him. I’d bet my last dollar that you like this jam; because we are TWINS!

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    1. I did know the “Kids Incorporated” connection, and I know he’s extremely talented. I like him a lot because he likes to take chances. They don’t always work, and that may be why he isn’t more widely known. But those who know him, know. Yes, I do like the song you chose, and so many others he has done. His first album lived with me for a long, long time; there was so much on it that I liked. The After Hours album may be my favorite by him, but I love them all.

      Thanks for sharing, and thanks for liking today’s song!

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