You Gotta Believe In The Spirit Of Love #RomanticTuesday

Can a song about a guy begging for his girl to come back be considered for #RomanticTuesday? I don’t know if there are set rules for this themed post, so I’m going to allow it. Maybe I can get a ruling from Erika Kind, whose blog started #RomanticTuesday as a challenge to other bloggers to come up with poems, songs or some form of expression that suggests romance.

Boyz II Men had rapidly ascended as one of the biggest groups in music by the time their second album II, was released in 1994. While the group reportedly asked producers Bob Robinson and Tim Kelley to work on their second album, the president of Motown records at the time wasn’t exactly feeling the idea of two young and unknown producers crafting the follow-up album for such a big group. So he enlisted the heavy hitters to craft a few songs for the group: Babyface and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

Reportedly the label head wanted “I’ll Make Love To You,” produced by Babyface, as the lead single, over the group’s objections. Turns out he was right; the song became one of the biggest hits ever, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and staying their for fourteen weeks. Today’s song (produced by Jam & Lewis) succeeded that hit at number one, giving the group twenty non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard chart. Boyz II Men became only the third act to succeed itself at the top of the chart, joining the likes of Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Boyz II Men would soon break the record they set with “I’ll Make Love To You,” with the song “One Sweet Day” that they recorded with Mariah Carey, which spent sixteen weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Boyz II Men are still performing, but they haven’t had the kind of success they experienced when they released two of the greatest love songs of the 1990s.

Now that I’ve gone all over Boyz II Men, the initial question remains: does “On Bended Knee” meet the requirements for #RomanticTuesday? I say yes, or I wouldn’t have written the post. But what say you? Yea or Nay? If you’d rather not say, what do you think of Boyz II Men? Perhaps I should have tried “End Of The Road”? No matter what, this is my entry for #RomanticTuesday, and I hope you enjoy it. As always, thanks for reading and listening.


26 Replies to “You Gotta Believe In The Spirit Of Love #RomanticTuesday”

  1. Yeah, I think “On Bended Knee” is romantic, Tracy. It’s not “I’ll Make Love to You” though. I wonder if breakup songs are romantic? Good choice for today! Boyz II Men was the first concert I ever went to at 13 years old. Lol wow over 20 years ago! They filmed their video for “Water Runs Dry” a couple hours away from me at White Sands. Several movies and videos have been filmed there.

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    1. Wow, I hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks for enjoying the song. I actually like “Water Runs Dry” better than either of the other songs, but they are all good. Not sure if I could use “Water Runs Dry” for #RomanticTuesday though.

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      1. They still perform. They have released a couple albums in recent years including an album of remakes called Throwback. Their profile isn’t as high as it once was though.

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  2. Very nice Twin! I love all of the info that you include when you select a jam.

    “Please don’t go away from me, I’ll be there for you-when you call my name-I’ll reach out my hand to you…….”

    But that’s another song, right Twin?

    “Please don’t go” ’cause everybody knows “Simpin’ ain’t easy”

    You’ll see these again My Jams ’91-’92 🙂

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