Smooth Jazz Sunday: Age Of Eternity

Back on Easter Sunday, I made a blog post for what used to be called the instrumental Sunday Morning Groove of a song that I had only heard the day before. That song was “Asleep Beneath The Moon (Part One),” by John Fluker. If you read the post, you would see that Fluker is a very versatile musician, having worked with some of the big names in the business.

Fast forward to this past Monday, and I get a notification from WordPress that none other than Fluker himself made a comment on that post. After picking my chin up off the floor, I read his comment, which says:

Hey T. Wayne – Thank you for featuring Asleep Beneath The Moon Part One. I encourage you to check out the longer and more explorative version, Part Two, and also my newest ambient piano release 11:11.

Well, after receiving that message I did check out the longer version of the song, and I liked it also. Yesterday, I finally got around to listening to his new album 11:11. If you’re looking for an album of gentle, soothing piano music that sounds great while you sit and think or need something to set a mood, you should check it out. It reminds me of some of the old Windham Hill releases from years ago, but with a little more edge. I’m thinking of George Winston’s piano albums, though Fluker doesn’t exclusively have solo piano pieces on this release.

Today’s song that I’ve chosen is from the new album and is called “Age Of Eternity.” It has quickly become one of my favorites. If you are listening to it early in the morning, I hope it gets your day off to a nice, smooth and peaceful start. No matter when you listen, I hope you enjoy it. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

29 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Age Of Eternity”

  1. Hey T. Wayne I am absolutely thrilled that you checked out 11:11 and featured Age of Eternity! Thank you so much!! It is one of the songs that touched me when I listened back to the recording and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. Time is such an intriguing subject and as I think about the concept of Eternity I am in awe, amazed and humbled – all at the same time. Best wishes to you as you keep sharing music with the world. God bless you!

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