Jam It Or Slam It? L. Young

Time for another Jam It or Slam It! I considered putting Kenya’s “Makeusmile” in this one, but I decided to post it as the Morning Groove for today instead. Today’s contestant is L. Young, an artist that I have featured twice before on the blog. I posted his a capella video tributes to Maurice White (Earth Wind & Fire) and Prince earlier this year, and both were well-received. If you haven’t seen/heard them, check out the links above. In fact, he has done a series of videos similar to those; a playlist of them will be posted further down in the post.

I was not aware that Young had released his second album late last year. In fact, I didn’t know there was a first album (Love Is A Verb, from 2011). His latest release is entitled 4ever Young, and I had only became aware of it after reading a review at SoulTracks.com today. In the review, one of the songs mentioned directly was called “Cherry Wine.” As it happens, it is an a capella track, much like the videos he has done. The album is not a total a capella project; there is instrumentation to be found on the other tracks. As for the album, I’ll have to give it a full listen at some point, but today I’m putting “Cherry Wine” in the Jam It or Slam It grinder.

As for my verdict on this one? I will say that I was wowed by the videos, but this one doesn’t wow me quite as much. I do like it, but it doesn’t make me want to rush to the cash register and part with my hard-earned dollars. That doesn’t mean it, or the album it comes from, isn’t any good. Young is extremely talented; I may be overcome with a capella fatigue from him is all. Maybe in three months, I’ll change my mind.

So what say you?


As promised, here is a YouTube playlist of some more of Young’s solo singing. Some of the artists covered in these videos include Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars (“Uptown Funk”), Boyz II Men, New Edition and many more.

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