The Voice: Season 11 Preview

The good folks at NBC have started the hype machine for Season 11 of The Voice. If you have been watching the network’s coverage of the Olympics for any length of time, you’ve probably seen commercials about the show. In fact, a special sneak preview is going to air after the closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics on Sunday night.

I suspect that the increased noise about the show has a lot to do with the fact that the show is featuring two new judges this year. Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus will join in the fun, replacing Pharrell Williams and last season’s winning coach Christina Aguilera. I’m sure a lot of show watchers like me are waiting to see how they will do, and how they will interact with holdover coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

It promises to be an intriguing season. To prime the pump even more, the show and the network have made a video preview available on YouTube. Season 11 will begin on September 19th. I will be watching and doing recaps here on the blog, much as I did for last season. If you watch the show, or have any opinion on the new judges, feel free to comment below.

15 Replies to “The Voice: Season 11 Preview”

    1. I had low expectations last season when Miley coached, but she exceeded them. I was pleasantly surprised. I agree with you that she will definitely stir up the bromance between Adam and Blake. I’m looking forward to the interaction between the four of them, as much as the talent involved.

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  1. Very interested to see how Miley & Alicia gel with Adam & Blake. My daughters are looking forward to Miley since they remember her more as Hannah Montana. They don’t care for her craziness, but could make the show interesting.

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    1. I suspect there will be some craziness just because it’s Miley. However, I was pleasantly surprised when she served as a guest mentor last season. Like you, I’m interested to see the dynamic between the new and old coaches.

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