Smooth Jazz Sunday: Eu Te Devoro

Late last week I was made aware of a recent album release by smooth jazz artist Bob Baldwin called The Brazilian-American Soundtrack. The two-disc set is split into two movements: the first half celebrates Rio-Ipanema (Brazil), while the second does the same for New York City. Each half was recorded with a different group of musicians; the Brazilian half features several musicians from that country. In addition, located throughout the set are tributes to the late Maurice White, founder and leader of Earth, Wind & Fire.

I was able to listen to this album earlier today and I truly enjoyed it, in spite of its length. The complete album is over two and a half hours long, but I really got into a lot of the songs. Baldwin plays multiple instruments and does some singing; there are vocals from other artists as well. With the Summer Olympic Games in Rio about to come to an end, I figured it would be fitting to choose one of the songs from this album for my Smooth Jazz Sunday feature.

The song I’ve chosen for today is “Eu Te Devoro,” which translates as best I can tell to “I’ll Devour You” from the Portuguese. It was written by Brazilian musician Djavan (full name Djavan Caetano Viena). As performed by Baldwin, his piano carries the melody over a shuffling groove. I feel as if it goes down easy for a Sunday morning, or anytime.

I hope you enjoy today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday entry, and as always thanks for listening and reading.

7 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Eu Te Devoro”

  1. I like it!

    Very nice and smooth.
    I’ll tell you, it caught me off guard because I guess I was expecting something that had more of a ‘Latin’ groove, but I’m good with it.

    I’d definitely chill to it anytime Twin ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for posting it!

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    1. You’re welcome Twin! There are other songs that sound more “Brazilian” than that one, even as it was written by a Brazilian artist. However, they featured vocals, and I didn’t want any singing on the song.

      I suppose I could pick a song that has vocals; smooth jazz stations after all do feature songs of that type. But I just liked today’s song better.

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