80’s Mania Mondays: When You Find Your Servant Is Your Master

I just finished watching the Summer Olympic Games, and there were two well-known athletes who stated that these would be their last Olympics. Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps were already well-decorated Olympians before these games; by the time they ended both were considered all-time greats in their respective sports. In sports, there are few athletes who quit while they are on top. Most either are told to move on before they are ready, some can’t resist going away and come back, and others hang around too long.

In the case of one rock band from the 1980s, they broke up at the peak of their fame. At the time of their breakup, the band was considered the biggest group in rock. In just a few short years, they went from being critical darlings, to pop hitmakers, to the greatest band in music. Then internal discord and disagreements conspired to send the members their separate ways.

That group was The Police. I could have chosen a bunch of their songs, but I will go with “Wrapped Around Your Finger” as today’s 80’s song.

“Wrapped Around Your Finger” has the distinction of being the last single released by the band from their last studio album, Synchronicity. It wasn’t their last single; some abomination called “Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86” followed two years after the band’s last album. The group had reunited to make some new music, but it turned out that all they came up with was a re-make of a song that was a hit just six years before. The less I speak of the “Roxanne” remake Puff Daddy put his name to, the better.

Synchronicity also has a distinction with me in that I used someone else’s copy of the album to find out how much I enjoyed it. My future brother-in-law had the album and let me borrow the cassette tape. I think I played it every day until he begged to get it back. Once I gave it back to him, I finally got my own copy; though if I didn’t have to give it back I would have kept it.

The Police released five studio albums during their run, and they are one of the few groups that you can say that each album proved to be better than the one before. Though they did get back together for a reunion tour in 2007-2008, the band called it quits as soon as the tour ended. Throughout the time in between the breakup and the reunion tour, the guys would get together off and on, in different settings.

As many people know, once the band split up Sting had an amazing second run as a solo artist, selling millions of records worldwide. Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland also did solo projects and worked with other musicians, even if they were not as wildly successful as Sting was, they had good careers outside of The Police.

I hope you enjoy “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” and as always thanks for reading and listening.

27 Replies to “80’s Mania Mondays: When You Find Your Servant Is Your Master”

      1. That’s a great album, Kim. I adore his work, both in the group and solo. Yesterday while I was putting this together, I was listening to Synchronicity…made me remember just how much I listened to that album back then. It still doesn’t get old.

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      2. it was one of the first cassette tapes I owned. One of those music clubs where you could get 12 for a penny (then had to buy 5 more at regular price)….what fun deciding….life was cool as a kid that way 🙂

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      3. Yes, I was sucked in by one of the music clubs too! Years later, when the Message In A Box set was released, I couldn’t wait to get it. Thankfully, it had the complete Police albums in it so I didn’t miss anything!

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    1. They were a great band; they deserved their status as the best rock band on earth when they broke up. Sting certainly proved his talent once he went solo, but as the principal songwriter in that group, he showed what he was capable of even then.

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  1. T. Wayne

    (Lex Jones here, Lennon C’s guest music blogger)
    When I read the title of your post today, I recalled I used this song as my “What’s Playing in My Head” post, a while back (almost 2 years to the day…which is super ironic and cool to me!!!) (here it is)

    To me, the lyrics in “Wrapped Around Your Finger” are some of the best words ever written in a song. Sting is so clever in how he weaves mythology and literature in this torrid tale of turning the tables on your lover.
    Synchronicity was one of the best albums ever and I wore it out as well. And on a funny note…if I light more than 3 or 4 candles in the house, I feel like I’m starring in a Police video LOL
    GREAT POST!!!!

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    1. First of all: Welcome Lex! Thanks for the follow, and I hope you like what you see here!

      Second…after I finished this post I noted that I had forgotten to say one word about those lyrics! Who else but Sting could weave in the Scylla and Charibdes and Mephistopheles in a song! Just another reason why the Police were one of the great bands. Not only was the music great, but the stories he could tell in the songs he wrote…you knew he was pretty smart.

      I’m checking out your link as soon as I finish writing this comment! You be careful lighting those candles, now!!!

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m so glad you liked this post!

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      1. Thanks for the comments and the follow, T.Wayne! The Police were great.I read that Sting wrote “Fortress Around Your Heart” as a follow up (kind of a peace offering) to “Wrapped Around Your Finger.”
        I also love “King of Pain” (Alanis Morrisette did a cover that was actually pretty cool). When I hear the song, I feel like I am in the middle of either an Escher drawing or a Seurat painting. Such a vivid storyteller…

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  2. I LOVE The Police and this was a goodie!
    My Twin is clowning again, up here calling songs “abominations!”
    My Jams are:
    1. Every little thing she does is magic
    2. Spirits in the material world
    3. Canary in a coal mine

    YAAAAASSSSS! The Police baby!

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    1. An abomination is an abomination, Twin! That remake of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” was the very definition of one! It was not needed. I suppose I could have used that description for Puff Daddy’s remake of “Roxanne” too. LOL

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