Every Moment That You Smile Chases All The Pain Away #RomanticTuesday

Long title, I know.

This wasn’t even the song I was going to post for today. I had another all set and ready to go. Then I heard this song—and found out that I’m late to the party. It was actually released back in May. The singer—never heard of him before last night, when I heard the song. His name is MAJOR. While the sentence ended with a period, so too does his moniker. It’s all caps with a period. He has some songwriting credits to his name, notably for Ariana Grande (“Over And Over Again” with Nathan Sykes, formerly of The Wanted), and on the Think Like A Man Too soundtrack (which was done by Mary J. Blige, if I’m not mistaken).

His voice, once you hear this song, fits the name. Some are already comparing him to John Legend; I suppose because this is a piano-led song, a ballad, much like Legend’s huge hit “All Of Me.” To me, this one is every bit as good as that song, maybe better. What I do know is it certainly fits with #RomanticTuesday. If you haven’t heard it, please listen to this song. It is called “Why I Love You.”

This song is worthy enough to put through the Jam It or Slam It paces, but I’ll let you do that. No poll. You tell me what you think. I’ll just say that I was moved enough to kick another song out of the #RomanticTuesday spot for this, and I just heard it last night for the very first time. It’s simple and clean, just piano and strings and his voice. There is a dance remix of the song available, but I’d advise you leave that alone, unless you are into EDM or want to hear it that way.

His album I AM MAJOR. was released last month. Based on this one song, I’m going to have to take a listen to it. Most def.

Thanks for reading and listening.

(no worries, I’ll bring the song that got bumped back next week :))


25 Replies to “Every Moment That You Smile Chases All The Pain Away #RomanticTuesday”

    1. You’re welcome, Lisa! I’m glad you liked it. It reminds me of Legend’s “All Of Me,” in that it is a similar type of song. This guy’s falsetto is amazing. I can’t wait to hear more from the album.

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