Looking Back

Today, I looked back one year ago on the blog and realized that I was in the middle of a six-week drought of not writing here. For that matter, I wasn’t writing at all. The urge to write at all had disappeared. I made two posts early in the month, and then nothing until the middle of September, when I wrote “Because I Don’t Write.” Of course, by the time that post was finished, I had written something.

Another thing that I noticed from a year ago is that I didn’t always respond to comments made by other bloggers. I often let them sit out there like orphans. I wouldn’t even like a lot of the comments (not that there were many) back then. I’m not sure why I didn’t respond to comments, even if it was no more than to thank the person for reading, commenting, and/or liking the post. As I’ve mentioned in several other posts, I had two other blogs before this one, so it isn’t like I didn’t know what to do. I certainly engaged with others on the first blog that I had, when the subject was primarily sports.

Since that post in the middle of last September, I’ve gotten better at responding to comments, as well as writing more. I’ve seen how doing more of both has helped my blog become more popular than even I would have imagined. I’m still working on writing about something other than music every once in a while, and I’ve surprised myself with the poems I’ve written. I haven’t written a whole lot about sports, other than in my “Stuff That Rattles Around” posts when I’ve been boosting my Orioles (though they are in a choppy stretch at the moment). For that matter, I haven’t written much about news events either. No, I won’t go near that thing called a presidential campaign.

I wrote this to appreciate for myself what a difference a year can make writing. I can’t imagine not writing here and engaging with others on WordPress. I’m glad the blog isn’t where it was last year, threatening to wither to nothing from neglect. Thanks to those of you who read and enjoy what I write; you have no idea how much I appreciate you hanging around and taking the time to read my posts. I’d also like to thank those of you whose blogs I read and enjoy every day, or as many days as I can. You all inspire me with your creativity.



10 Replies to “Looking Back”

    1. Thank you, Kim! I make an effort to respond to everyone now, as best as I can. I realize that no one has to comment at all on anything that I write, so I am grateful when I do get comments here. I really do appreciate them. And you rock too, you absolutely do! Again, thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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