If It Feels Good Do It

Today’s song is by The Time, but this really is mostly a Prince post.

As part of his contract with his first label, Warner Brothers, Prince was allowed to recruit and produce other artists on the label. His first group that he created was The Time. He brought in all the members, including his friend Morris Day, and then let them be a front on their first album. Prince wrote all the songs, played all the instruments on every track and stipulated that Day had to follow his guide vocals note for note on each of the album’s six songs. Among those recruits were Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who would become music production powerhouses themselves in the 1980s, working with Janet Jackson, The Human League, Alexander O’Neal, The S.O.S. Band and many others.

Those recruits were actually in other bands and could play instruments, but Prince took total control of the project. Eventually, the members of The Time were allowed to play their instruments, especially on tour. But on this first album, everything was done under one of Prince’s pseudonyms (Jamie Starr); even the production credit went to Jamie Starr and Morris Day. What this did for Prince was it gave him an outlet to make music under a different style than the ones he wanted to pursue on his own projects.

The first single from the debut album was “Get It Up.” A slab of Minneapolis funk, listen as Morris mouths Prince’s lyrics, while Prince wows on drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and everything else. As I said in this post, the music just oozed from his pores. Prince couldn’t help himself, he had to be creating music. Not everything worked as well as his own hits; but even some of his lesser tracks were things that most artists wouldn’t dare try. He also wasn’t afraid to be raunchy either; towards the end of this version of the song I have here, it becomes briefly NSFW.

It’s been just over four months since Prince passed away. And while I’ve seen a lot of his music come back to YouTube, I decided to go with something that isn’t under his name, but is all him. In its own way, it’s a tribute to him, even though The Time is the name on the song. This song could’ve been used tomorrow as I begin what will now be known as “Funky Friday,” but look at it as the prequel to tomorrow. Plus, it’s Prince. Did I say that often enough?

Once again, thanks for reading and listening.

9 Replies to “If It Feels Good Do It”

    1. He was the creator of the first album. The band began to assert themselves on the second album, so much so that when Prince and The Time went on tour together, they would go out of their way to try to upstage Prince. That’s what you see in the movie, and by then, they were doing their own thing.

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  1. still missing him too…read this am they’re opening Paisley Park for tours, kind of like a graceland thing….I think I’d prefer the mystery of wonder. A girlfriend I worked with lived in the house where Rick James lived (and some interesting goings on in the basement learned from police blotters). I always told her, if those walls could talk, look out! I like intrigue of imagination…not that i’d turn my nose up at a walk through of course….Peace and purple, K

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  2. I had also heard about the Paisley Park tours. I think it would be neat to see the studio where all the magic happened, so to speak. That’s not discounting the rest of the place, of course, but when I think about Prince I think about all the music he must have created, released and unreleased that he spent his time working on.

    I do miss him too. He certainly was the greatest musician of my generation, or at least one of them.


  3. IRL my allergies have been killing me so I apologize for the delayed response. But I’m back now!
    And what did I come back to?
    My Twin over here showing out!
    Get it up!
    That was the shit!
    Man when I first heard that jam I was like, “Who in the hell is this?”
    I was sold Twin!
    Very interesting background and yes honey those boys could play; they did not need Prince to get off!

    Never ever been really disappointment with anything The Time did.
    Thanks Twin!

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    1. Glad you are feeling better, Twin! Back in the day we used to listen to “Get It Up” and “Cool” to get ready for the basketball games at school. I loved their first album, even if they didn’t play a single note. And as it turned out, they became a bad band in their own right.

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