500 is a nice, round number. The meaning of 500 today is that this post—this one right here—is number 500.

By my unofficial count, over three hundred of these 500 posts were made this year. If you recall my post about looking back from last week, I wrote nothing at all for a six-week period about a year ago. So I couldn’t imagine that there would be 500 posts here when I wouldn’t write.

Almost two years ago, I started this blog with these words:

The Process Begins

What is “A Joyful Process”?

To me, a joyful process is when I learn something. When I read something that is interesting, fascinating or just plain enjoyable. When I am able to take what I see, hear, feel, think or read and turn it into something that interests someone else. For the purpose of this blog, writing is the joyful process.

This is the post where the process begins. I’ve been blogging off and on for several years, and here is yet another attempt to start, maintain, and keep a blog active. I want to engage people the same way I am engaged when I read, watch or hear something that makes me want to write about it.

Of course, there has to be theme music. Theme music? Yes, theme music.

What you will see on this blog are posts about sports, music, television, web articles and the like and my reaction to and opinion about those particular items. There may also be, from time to time, some personal stories, dependent upon whether or not I feel they are fit to publish publicly. Feel free to join in the conversation. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone. I don’t mind reasonable debate, but I’m not here to change anyone’s mind either.

Welcome to A Joyful Process.

The fear wasn’t as great when I pushed the Publish button the first time on this blog, as I had done it on two previous ones. But while fear was absent, the sense of an adventure had begun. While it seemed like I knew what I was going to do when I started, and I’ve mostly stayed on that course, this has turned into something else completely. It has become my personal DJ booth, my House of Music, and in some ways my therapy and my comfort zone. It has also built up some confidence.

For years, I had been told by others that I wrote well, but I didn’t believe them, or wouldn’t accept that I could do it. 500 posts is a signature milestone; it represents dedication to writing that even I didn’t know I had. It also has become fun to see what I can come up with on an almost-daily basis. Looking over these posts, I like what I’ve written, but I also want to keep getting better, keep practicing writing and hopefully expand and build upon what I’ve done. I never believed I could write poems until I was encouraged to try. I didn’t think I could fashion a blog that would have a steady readership until I kept at it and engaged with other wonderful bloggers at WordPress. I didn’t think that writing a book was possible until so many others on and offline told me that I could. I don’t have an idea of what a book might look like at present, but at least I don’t rule the idea out anymore.

Here’s to 500 posts, and here’s to hopefully 500 more. Thank you all for reading, listening, engaging, and encouraging.

500 Posts

24 Replies to “500”

  1. Hello Tracy, I guess this this is the best place to stop by to “pay my respects” Congratulations on making the big 500 – another great achievement for the year.

    When I think of the various music exchanges we’ve had, it feels like a lifetime simply because of the depth and breadth of your musical knowledge and our shared passion for much of my favorite musicians. You will always enjoy my greatest respect for sharing my appreciation of Phyllis and Miles ( the two go together for me). But there are so many more that we’ve had a mutual love for. Of course a highlight for me was our collaboration on the sexiest male vocalists. Pity we never got to the ladies😀

    Your blog is looking beautiful and and I’m so happy to see you expanding your range and taking charge of your space (studio) the way you have done. I’m going to miss you for sure! But I do hope that you’ll look back on this interlude and remember it fondly because wherever we go, we leave a bit of ourselves behind. I’m saying goodbye with one of our shared favorite musicians from our top 10 list. The first one, I know is a favorite of yours and do wish on that star from time to time. The second song is my dedication to you for the future you deserve. Stay well my friend! 🌹

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  2. Chevvy, thank you so much for your kind words, and the musical tributes. You have definitely left something behind for me to linger on. As I said on your blog, I will always be thankful to you for encouraging me to try to write poetry, and I’m so proud that I did.

    Yes, it is a shame that we didn’t get to do the ladies…I couldn’t wait to see what you were going to pull out of your trick bag! 🙂

    Thanks for “paying your respects” here, but I will always remember visiting your blog and engaging with you as a joy and a privilege. Thanks for all you did from your studio, and for bringing a little piece of you over to mine.

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    1. Hey Tracy,I’m not sure what happened but your reply didn’t come through on my blog so I’m back here. On the female vocalists I guess my top 10 would have included Phyllis, Maysa, Lalah, Regina, Gladys, Aretha, Jill Scott, Angie Stone,Sade, Rachelle Ferrell, Patti Austin, Miki Howard, Angela Bofill but I know I’ve left out many others out. It’s always those smooth sultry voices that appeal to me.
      My last word is that it has has been a joy all the way just as you describe the joyful process. I hope you’ll venture to write a few more poems in the future. And IT IS a great feeling to look at your posts and know that YOU WROTE THIS!!! I’m sure that when I’m nostalgic, I’ll check out what some of you are up to. I’ve got one or two more rounds to do and will go private over the weekend which just means that my blog will then be inactive until it expires. Stay well my friend!

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      1. Chevvy, thanks so much! I hope you are around later today; I have a parting gift that will be posting.

        My list would be similar to yours and I would add Teena Marie to it. All the others definitely work for me.

        I will definitely write more poetry as the mood strikes, so no worries about that. Best wishes, T.

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      2. I will definitely be around so I’ll catch up later. I’m thrilled that your choices would have been similar. My homework in the next months will be to catch up on Teena Marie. I’ve often seen you and Lady G. rave about her but I wasn’t familiar with much of her music. I have one or two songs from compilations.
        Btw are you familiar with Bridgette Bryant’s music? I have her Soulmate Album but a friend of mine told me that there was another CD which I haven’t been able to find online. No sweat if you don’t know. See you later. Chevvy😀

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