80’s Mania Mondays: I Love You Even When You Don’t Try

In doing my research for today’s 80’s Mania Mondays post, I learned a few fascinating facts about today’s group:

  • They started out as a rock band.
  • They originally had twelve members, and gradually switched from rock to soul/R&B.
  • They shrunk the members down to seven by the time of their greatest success.
  • They gained fame as a dance/R&B/pop act, primarily from today’s song.
  • Today’s song was actually released a year before it became a hit.
  • The hit version was actually remixed in the Netherlands.

The song I’m talking about is “I Can’t Wait,” by Nu Shooz.

I’m sure that there are very few of us who were around in 1986 who can’t remember this song. That remix, initially called the “Dutch Mix,” made its way back to the U.S. as an import. Once it began to take off, the group got signed to Atlantic Records, which re-released the single in its new form. It became a smash hit in the summer of ’86, hitting #3 on the pop chart and #2 on the R&B chart. It also hit #1 on the dance charts. The album Poolside was released soon after, containing their second single “Point Of No Return,” which didn’t fare quite as well on the pop and R&B side, but was another dance hit. The group was so popular during that year, it was nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, losing to Bruce Hornsby & The Range. The other nominees that year were Glass Tiger, Simply Red and Timbuk3. Hmmm…future candidates for 80’s Mania Mondays. A second album, Told You So, was released in 1988, but it wasn’t the success that Poolside was, and Nu Shooz were eventually dropped from Atlantic Records.

Nu Shooz is still performing and recording today, and have gone back to being a twelve-member band. In fact, the inspiration for today’s post was seeing that the group have a new album out which was released a few months back. The album is called Bagtown, and reportedly is a return to their earlier roots of R&B/soul. I listened to the album yesterday before I went out to a cookout and I really liked it. Fellow blogger sonofabeach96 asked me once where were the new funk bands, and I think I told him they were underground and independent. Well, Nu Shooz’ new album fits the bill I think. In fact, I am going to take one of the songs from the new album and do a Jam It Or Slam It? post later this week.

I hope you enjoy today’s 80’s Mania Mondays song, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

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