Jam It Or Slam It? Nu Shooz

As promised on Monday, I’ve cued up a song from Nu Shooz’ new album, Bagtown for a Jam It Or Slam It test run. I made mention that the new music is quite the departure from their “I Can’t Wait” days, so it will be interesting to see what people think of it. Nu Shooz is now a 12-member band with live instrumentation, and their sound has taken a turn to an R&B/soul direction. I’ve listened to the new album (actually released in May) twice now, and I find it a pleasurable listen. Your mileage may vary, of course.

For this Jam It Or Slam It?, I’ve chosen the song “Soul Cushion.” Now I don’t know about you, but when the first line of the song is “You’re sittin’ on a real soul cushion,” what would you tend to think it is? I’m assuming it’s the booty, for the song is an invitation to get up and move something, at least in a nice and easy two-step. I like how it sounds, so I’ll jam it. You get to decide for yourself what you wish to do.

As usual, you make the call. I tend to like the different sound the band has taken. Other highlights from the album for me are “Way Outside,” “Real Thing“(the first single), and “Party’s Not Over.” As for “Soul Cushion,” make your choice below; and as always, thanks for reading and listening.


31 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It? Nu Shooz”

  1. OMG – did not know they were still making music. I’m still jamming to the one and only cassette I had or knew anything about. I like this cut, but not enough to spend my last dime, lol, but I would probably by the album or rather download it for a reasonable amount of money :-).

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      1. You know how it is…they go independent, they don’t get the distribution or airplay that other groups do. That said, the internet has a way of making independent artists known a lot better than the usual music industry machinery. I’m not sure how long they’ve been playing in this vein, but they’ve released several albums since they were dropped by Atlantic all those years ago.

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      2. This is the first album I’ve heard from them since their heyday. I had to do research to see the other albums they had done. I also saw where they remade “I Can’t Wait,” but I haven’t heard how it sounds.

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