Meet Me On The Moon

I usually pull a lyric from the song that I choose when I post and use it as the title. Today, I’m making an exception. Today, I’ve put the title of the song as the title of the post.

“Meet Me On The Moon” by Phyllis Hyman is one of the favorite songs of Chevvy, the blogger I met from Chevvy’s Studio. By “met,” I mean we engaged with one another through our respective blogs. She even did a “Guest DJ” spot on one of my Flashback Friday posts. Some months back, we had a conversation about the music we both liked, and I found out that she was a huge fan of Phyllis Hyman, the lady who sings the song. I was a huge fan of hers as well. Several songs of hers, both originals and covers, hold a place in my heart.

Chevvy is about to leave blogging for a new journey. Wherever her road leads, I hope that it takes her where she wants to go. As I said in the comment I made on her most recent post, I have mixed emotions; happy that she will continue on a journey that hopefully will take her where she wants to go, but sad that we will be left behind and not able to go along.

Chevvy was the primary force who got me to attempt to write, and to publish, poetry here. And while I haven’t written or published a lot of poems here, the response I have received for the ones that have been posted has given me confidence that I can write them. If nothing else, I have another tool to use when I write. Some other highlights for Chevvy and I include our collaborative post (with Lady G from the seekthebestblog) on the sexiest R&B male singers (I had to flip my perspective to come up with my list), and the love we shared for Maysa Leak and the band Incognito.

Today’s song is for Chevvy. I don’t know whether or not she will see this post, but if she does, it truly was an honor and a privilege to be able to lounge/loiter/linger at her studio. I will miss her poetry, her photographic journals of her travels, her information that she parsed about South Africa (her home country), as well as her “Sunday Coming Down” posts. I wish the best for her, and if we never cross paths on WordPress again, my life and my writing were made all the richer by having seen and read her words, as well as her encouragement and kind words towards what I have done here.

Thanks for reading and listening.

10 Replies to “Meet Me On The Moon”

  1. Ah! Tracy, this is the sweetest thing ever. I am so humbled and thrilled by this special tribute. I wish I could change my decision to leave. You made me feel welcome from the start and I remain amazed by the magic of connecting with special people like you across thousands of miles, continents and timezones.
    Because of our different timezones, I think of how we also traversed different seasons in the time I have known you.As you are starting Autumn, we’re in the midst of a very hot Spring. With my poetic hat on, I guess its good symbolism for my new ventures.

    I hope that I will return at some later time but I’m a great believer that the Universe helps determine how we cross paths. So I agree, if for whatever reason, we don’t meet again, we’ll skywrite our memories in the heavens.

    Apart from loving Phyllis’s music and great voice, I feel a connection so deep, that I would love to walk in the city of her birth – Philadelphia.

    I’ve learnt that sometimes, it doesn’t need a lifetime to touch each other’s lives and so, this encounter will stay with me and what better way than when I listen to all those musicians we both loved and Lady G, if you’re listening – I’m including you too GIRLFRIEND.

    Finally, I want to say that I’m patriotic about my country and hope that you and your readers will put it on your bucket list to visit one day.

    Hlala kahle umngane wami (Stay well my friend!)

    Chevvy 💐

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    1. Chevvy, you do the same. The pleasure was all mine. I would like to visit your country someday…so yes it is on the bucket list.

      I appreciate the wonderful words you used in this comment. Always so poetic and lyrical with words.

      Best wishes, T.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to Chevvy, T Wayne. I will miss her too. Her studio was a treasure here on WP. My favorites were the month-long poetry challenge (which she met each and every day), travel logs, and Sunday Evening Coming Down, with its smoky voices and mellow saxophones 🙂

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  3. I finally made it Twin. It was just so hard to do this. I’ve been dragging my feet. I posted a tribute-we already ‘talked’ about this so you know.
    I hope she see’s it. It is based on a post that she did for me.
    Gonna miss her Twin 😦

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  4. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to see it but I did and I guess I’m already suffering withdrawal symptoms before I even leave y’all. Tracy – you know I can never get enough of Phyllis so I’m happy you did the two tributes. I found this song which reminded me of Gwin and I thought I’d leave it here for both of you. It is a sad song but I also think it’s a great song done beautifully by some of our favorite artists. Tracy, I don’t know how you do that “link thing” but I’d like Gwin to listen to this as I leave.
    There are certain things that both of you affirmed for me. I’m very much about purpose in life and this year has been about experimenting with different things to clarify that purpose. I’m so grateful for so much that I’ve experienced in my life – the good and the bad, since they’ve both been the building blocks to who I am.
    Of course that’s the serious side of me, the leader who wants to inspire people to dream about a better life and world. But the Blog has also reminded me about the fun things that I love and the passion I have for life. Tracy, I’m crazy enough to think about what song I’d like played at my funeral one day. It’s always been “Living my life like it’s golden” by Jill Scott but “Meet me on the moon” sounds like a good one to add. My parting words to both of you is to Live life like its golden – whatever that means for you. I am the richer for meeting you twins.

    To Gwin – I thought I was playing DJ for the last time yesterday, but I couldn’t resist leaving a few more songs for the two of you because that is how we speak with our souls. I’ll be closing my blog tomorrow during my “Sunday coming down” slot. Be happy my dear friends. Best. Chevvy

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