Funky Friday: Fire On The Bayou

When I started this series a couple weeks ago, I made a big deal about funk bands having a horn section. That’s true in a lot of cases, but not always. One of the funkiest bands ever didn’t even need a horn section. From out of New Orleans, we have Exhibit A: The Meters. Their “Cissy Strut” and “Look-A-Py-Py” are considered classics, their songs have been sampled by tons of other artists, and they are revered as legends as well as one of the originators of funk. All without a horn section.

But then, when you can bring that second line rhythm into your funk? You get some stuff like this:

I’m not going to lie; whenever I hear this song, something is moving. I can’t help it. From the album of the same name released in 1975, The Meters had moved to a major label, but weren’t exactly tearing up the sales charts. In fact, this song never even charted. But it is beloved—at least by me, if no one else—and is a very definition of funk. No horns? No problem. I’d give you more information about the group, but I’m too into this. I’m gonna start it up again!

Get your funky groove on to this one, and I hope you have a good weekend! As always, thanks for reading and listening.

12 Replies to “Funky Friday: Fire On The Bayou”

      1. Absolutely! They’re a staple in New Orleans and I was lucky enough to see em once at Tipitina’s. Awesome! Nothing better than seeing 10-12 people on stage, horns blowin, and Latin down the funk. I believe that kinda scene could be the cure for paralysis because one can’t help but move!

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