Superpower Challenge

I would like to thank Lisa A. from the Life of an El Paso Woman blog for nominating me for this challenge. As many of you know, Lisa is a good friend and we’re blog buddies—more like brother and sister. Go take a look at her blog for music, stories about life around El Paso and interviews with other bloggers (she even interviewed me).



Here are the rules (wait. Challenges now have rules?!?) for this challenge:

  • Name the creator of this tag. That would be FarahEdz from The Girl With Coffe’ blog.
  • Use the tag image above.
  • Thank your superhero nominator. Lisa A., thank you!
  • Which or what superpower would you want and why?
  • Please note that you are not under any obligation to participate. Certainly makes nominating anyone (or not nominating anyone) easier.

As a kid, I read lots of comic books. It was nothing to go down to the drugstore and plunk down some money for a couple comic books. I used to love the artwork and the stories. I can remember reading ones about the superheroes they make movies about today: Batman, Superman, The X-Men, Iron Man, Captain America and others. When I first started reading them, they even had comic books that were westerns, so I would read those as well. I was such a fan of superheroes, I would watch the Superfriends cartoon on Saturday mornings, back when there were actual Saturday morning cartoons. So I’ve seen a lot of superheroes.

I put some thought into what each of those heroes superpower was. Superman had a total package: he could fly, he was fast, and powerful. One of the more interesting superheroes to me was Storm (aka Ororo Munroe) of the X-Men. Storm had the ability to control the weather, which is something I’d like to be able to do when the temperature climbs into the mid-90s with high humidity. Coincidentally, that type of weather has been hanging around here the last three days (though it is supposed to get cooler tomorrow).

The reason why I would like to have that superpower isn’t necessarily to have perfect weather every day of the year. That would be nice, but I do like the change of the seasons. What I don’t like is when it gets too hot, or too cold for any long period of time. I’d control the weather so that if there is a drought, I can bring much needed rain to the area. If an area wants a white Christmas, I can give them snow. I would most definitely not have extremely hot days, so I could lower the temps so that there would be balmy breezes while keeping the sunshine around. I could also prevent hurricanes and tornadoes, which I would find useful. I forgot to mention that Storm also has the ability to fly (does that count as two superpowers)?

Any blogger who reads this post should feel free to participate, but as stated above in the rules, you are under no obligation to do so.


18 Replies to “Superpower Challenge”

  1. Ha! That’s a good one! I wonder how we get you to become a mutant, ’cause that’s a handy trick to have. I think I might yoink this challenge from you just for fun. 🙂

    Do you read comics anymore? I’m sort of stuck on Calvin & Hobbes at the moment, but I love the Marvel Universe and have gotten a little more into DC comics in the recent past. Darkhorse comics were my thing as a teen. There’s some good stuff out there.

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    1. Feel free, Kara! I don’t read them as much as I once did. I was a subscriber for years of just about every X-Men title I could find. Basically, if it had X- in the front, I was on it.

      I’ve always wanted to go back and read those old ones from years ago, but like you I have been a big Marvel fan for years. While I like the movies and TV shows that they’ve come up with, I think I’d still prefer reading them. Every now and then, I think about picking up a comic, or looking for a series to start with. Maybe I’ll go looking for a Spider-Man, or X-Men title to jump back into.

      There are days that I feel like a mutant. Does that count?

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  2. Great pick on a superpower. That would come in handy and could prevent a lot of tragedy. I think you should be nominated as the “Most Awarded Blog” for receiving and responding to so many other nominations. Hats off to you, T Wayne! 🙂

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  3. That is a cool Superpower to have!
    Only problem is that you couldn’t tell anybody because they would bug the hell out of you:
    T. Wayne: It’s our wedding, can you make it sunny!
    T. Wayne: I know it’s summer but I’d like some snow.
    T. Wayne: Can I have a nice romantic thunderstorm?
    Somehow, I could see you putting quite a few folks in check 🙂
    BTW, did you see mine?

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