The Whole World Could Feel My Heartbeat

As I sit down to write this, I’m listening to my Spotify playlist of my top 25 songs by Sade. Earlier this evening, I walked five miles for exercise and I need a boost to get me to write this post. (If you didn’t figure it out, I write the morning posts the evening before and schedule them—there’s no way I can write them in the morning before I head out to the day job, and I certainly can’t write there either). At any rate, in the comments of yesterday’s post, reader/blogger Just Joan suggested that I feature some Sade for my daily song. Dear Joan, your wish is my command.

Today’s song is “Kiss Of Life,” by Sade. I suppose I could have picked any one of her songs, but this one is in my personal top 5, and is also included on my favorite Sade album, Love Deluxe. So many people have said so many good things about Sade’s music—from it being a perfect “mood setter,” to using the music to help them get in the zone to write. For me, no matter the tempo, no matter the subject, it’s feel good music.  In perusing the comments for the video of “Kiss Of Life” on YouTube, user kudos100 may have said it best:

Having a bad day? Listen to Sade. Having a good day? Listen to Sade. Just listen, anytime, anywhere. Timeless.

That’s good advice, right there. In fact, I discussed Sade with my walking partner. I mentioned to her that I was going to be writing about her, but I didn’t know what song. That got us into discussing how her fans would most likely wish that the music would come more often than it does. I noted that what has already been released has been so good and means so much to so many, that anything they released would almost pale in comparison, even if it was great. We agreed that when Sade decides to bless us with new music, it will be an event worth waiting for, regardless.

Quickly for the facts: “Kiss Of Life” was the second single released from Love Deluxe. It peaked at #10 on the R&B chart, but only made it as far as #78 on the Billboard Hot 100. For me, it’s a #1 with a bullet.

Tell me what you think about Sade, or this song. Whether you want to drop a video, or say what your favorite or favorites are, or what their music means to you—leave it in the comments. Joan, thanks for the suggestion/request. And if you haven’t already, go take a peek at Just Joan 42—that’s Joan’s blog. There’s “poetry and stories about life, the universe and everything.” That should cover just about anything you might be interested in.

As always, thanks for reading and listening.


19 Replies to “The Whole World Could Feel My Heartbeat”

  1. “Look at the sky…it’s the color of love”
    Such a beautiful song. It makes me think of the divine intervention of coming together with the one you’re meant to be with. I had to buy an additional copy of Love Deluxe because I played it so much that It began to deteriorate. Such an amazing album. “Cherish the Day” had a hypnotic beat and I especially loved the last song on the album, “Mermaid: with it’s ethereal sound.
    Great post! I know what I am listening to on the drive at five!

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    1. Great! I know you’ll enjoy it. You described that song exactly; the joy in Sade’s voice when she sings the lyrics-the part after she says “when I laid eyes on you,” those wordless vocals express the joy she feels at knowing that this is the person she is mean to be with. Maybe that’s why I love it so much, because you can feel that joy emanating throughout the song.

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      1. It is such a joyful song! Another one that I love (not that I don’t love them all) is “Your Love is King” I used that one to describe a post I wrote about my Maestro. The line, “crown you with my heart” is powerful. Sade describes the emotions of being in love, perfectly!

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  2. I love her voice, with that tiny bit of an accent adding extra smoothness to the words. Kiss of Life is a beautiful song from beautiful album. You’re right, Sade is perfect for any mood. My fav is Smooth Operator, I fell in love with it first time I heard it. Thanks for obliging my special request. Thanks also for linking up some new folks with JustJoan42–completely unexpected but very appreciated 🙂

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    1. Joan, the pleasure is mine. If and/or when someone makes a request, I always link to their blog. I’m glad you liked my choice for today. There isn’t a single Sade track I don’t like; I may like some better than others, but I don’t dislike any of them. She is smooth, for sure. It probably isn’t the last time she’ll be featured.

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