The Voice: Ali Caldwell’s Leaked Audition

After NBC’s sneak peek of Season 11 of The Voice after the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics, the season begins in earnest tomorrow night. Once again, I will be doing my version of a recap of the season here on the blog. Like Season 10, NBC has begun priming the pump for the show by leaking a few of the blind auditions prior to the airing of the show. The one they have chosen for tomorrow’s episode is from Ali Caldwell, who performs “Dangerous Woman” as sung by Ariana Grande. I’ll be upfront about this: I’m not crazy about the song, but it’s not an easy one to sing, either. See what you think about Caldwell’s rendition here:

One thing for sure, Caldwell definitely has the pipes. That performance should certainly put her in contention, but it’s way too early to suggest that she could win. Many singers like her have fallen in battle rounds, or even been eliminated after the viewers get the chance to vote. As a reminder, two other singers have already made it through to the next round: Wé McDonald (coached by Alicia Keys) and Darby Walker (coached by Miley Cyrus).

If you’ve never seen the show, this is how the contestants are chosen: by having the coaches listen to them without seeing them first. To me, it is the most enjoyable part, because it actually fulfills the show’s supposed mantra—that it is about the voice, and not necessarily what the singer’s image is or their personality. That all can come later in the proceedings, as the coaches maneuver to find a winner. Of course, the real winners on the show are the coaches; as their careers grow, the singers who win can’t necessarily say the same. As of yet, there hasn’t been one winner who has “broken out” the way Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson, or even Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson did from the glory days of American Idol.

Perhaps that breakout winner will be found yet. In the meantime enjoy this leaked audition for however long NBC makes the video available. I’ve noticed in the past that the leaked auditions are taken down after a certain period of time. Now to see about how to get one of those turning chairs…

photo from Creative Commons via Eva Rinaldi (available for reuse).

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