Golden Dreams Were Shiny Days

Do you know what today is? No, it’s not my anniversary, as Tony!Toni!Toné! once answered. If you were to say that it is Wednesday, or Hump Day, I’d give you some credit for those answers. After all, you would be correct, but it isn’t the answer I’m looking for.

Take a look at the calendar, or if you are on a computer or smartphone, find where the date and time are. Do you see what today is?

If you have any sense of pop history, you know there’s only one song (or at least the only one I know of), that references this date. Shoot, it happens in the opening line.

Do you remember…the 21st night of September…

That’s right. Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” is the Morning Groove for today.

This was way too easy, and yet, before it hit me to feature it, I didn’t even have a song chosen. What happened was I was listening yesterday to the radio in the office during the Classic Lunch hour when the DJ played the song. My first thought was, she should have played it today, especially since the lyric features the date. Then the light bulb turned on and I realized that the twenty-first of the month was today. Eureka!

Now if you want to get technical about it, perhaps I should feature this post tonight, rather than in the morning. But you know what? My house, my rules. I feature songs in the morning, or at least it’s morning on the east coast of the United States. At any rate, this was the obvious choice. Don’t ask if I’ll do this again next year; I don’t even know what will be posting next week, let alone this time next year.

So, Earth, Wind & Fire. My favorite band growing up. I’ve featured them several times here. Back when Flashback Friday was in vogue, I did a post on “Let’s Groove,” one of their signature songs. Just a few weeks after I wrote that post, the band’s founder, Maurice White, passed away. I took that one very hard, and my feelings poured out in this post. Fast forward a couple months after that, I went to see what is now Earth, Wind & Fire in concert with the band Chicago, and I wrote about that here. Finally, I featured the group’s album, Spirit, as one of those that had an impact on my life.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was on some kind of signature song kick. Earth, Wind & Fire had several signature songs. I just referenced one of them in the last paragraph. I would venture to say that this tune is another one of those. But I’ll ask you: when you think of Earth, Wind & Fire, if you are a fan, what song or songs do you think of as signature songs? Drop a video, write about it, let me know in the comments.

Now, I’m going to enjoy hearing this song today; those horns and that familiar melody carrying me to a place in time when life was more carefree. When I thrilled to anything Earth, Wind & Fire, like many others in that time and place. Thanks for reading and listening, and putting up with yet another Earth, Wind & Fire post.

26 Replies to “Golden Dreams Were Shiny Days”

      1. I love bands like them, even those that aren’t famous or commercially successful. Maybe it’s from all the time I’ve spent in New Orleans, but seeing a stage full with an right piece horn section bobbing in rhythm? Talk about getting a room involved. They certainly were one of the best. 😃

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      2. You’re not lying re: a full horn section getting the room involved. It’s glorious what horns can bring to a song. They aren’t always necessary, but they always bring something to the groove.

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  1. Yes! this song is always a good opener for the fall season!

    But do you remember when some DJ’s informally retired this jam for a while after September 11th? Not sure how long it took before folks thought it was okay again.

    Anyway, very nice choice. I have something similar in mind for tomorrow. It won’t be “My Jams” but it will definitely be musically inclined 🙂

    As for my idea of EWF signature songs:

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  2. I think September gets referenced in songs more than any other month… probably because it rhymes with “remember” (And on that note, December’s likely a close second). Now that’s got me wondering how many popular songs out there reference specific dates in their lyrics which are not connected to holidays (like the Fourth of July). I guess it’s too late this year to feature “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”…

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  3. Love this time of year! Every September I listen to this song….no matter how shitty your day has been or what’s going on with our lives, this song…THIS SONG makes me move! Snapping my fingers while I’m sitting at the red light smelling autumn in the air and wiggling in the driver’s seat, thanks for this! LOL

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  4. I also spend September humming this tune. I used to run a keep fit class and I put together a great routine to this song! My fave EWF track though is ‘Reasons’. Love it. Back in the day when I used to go raving, ‘Reasons’ was one of the signature tracks the DJs played when it was time for everyone to go home.

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