The Right Time Is Here To Stay

In a time where New Jack Swing was all the rage; hard, hip-hop style beats had begun to take over R&B music. There was this one act from England that breezed in from out of nowhere. Even now, the music still feels different than what was predominantly playing on the radio.

The song has become something of a mantra for me, even as I cherish the memory of hearing it back in 1989. This year has been a year of moving forward, choosing not to sit still, but to keep on moving toward better things; toward finding me after feeling lost. Toward building confidence, both in myself and in writing.

Soul II Soul. “Keep On Movin'”. It’s the song for the Morning Groove.

As for the song, both it and the album of the same name it came from still feel fresh even after all this time. It seems hard to believe, but it’s already been 27 years since this song was a #1 hit on the R&B chart. I remember listening to it in my car with the windows down, blasting song after song as I rode up and down the main highway that led into and away from my hometown. As the first track from the album, this one started things off in the right way. Head-nodders, dance grooves, some rap and some British R&B could be found throughout, and it all sounded great.

Still I keep the chorus in my head, to keep on movin’ and not to stop like the hands of time. Earlier this year, I set some personal goals for myself, and as the year reaches the 3/4 mark, I find myself having completed some of the goals, while others are still ahead of me. If I keep pressing on, I know that those goals will be met also.

Let that shuffle groove get into you, with Caron Wheeler’s vocal soothing you, yet reminding you that your time will come one day. I hope you enjoy this groove, and as always, thanks for listening and reading.


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