The Voice: Aaron Gibson’s Leaked Audition

As the blind auditions continue on The Voice, NBC continues to “leak” auditions from upcoming episodes of the show. This week, the network has leaked an audition from Atlanta singer Aaron Gibson, who sings R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion.”

I like the tone of his voice; he seemed a bit nervous at the beginning, but got stronger and better as the song progressed. Watching the video, I just knew that Alicia Keys would be turning her chair around, if for no other reason than seeing the joy on her face while mouthing the words. I’ll be interested to see which among Keys, Blake Shelton or Miley Cyrus becomes his coach.

I’ll be recapping both the Monday and Tuesday shows with more of the blind auditions. For now though, what did you think of Gibson’s performance? If moved to do so, leave your impressions in the comments.

photo from Creative Commons via Eva Rinaldi (available for reuse).

2 Replies to “The Voice: Aaron Gibson’s Leaked Audition”

    1. It is a bit rough, but I kinda like it, at least for this song. I always hear the coaches talk about how they love the “rasp” in some of the singers’ voices, so I’ll be interested to see if any of the three that turned for Gibson bring that up. I’m guessing this audition will air on the next show.

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