There’s A Kind Of Magic In The Air #RomanticTuesday

To give you an idea of how much of a music (read: R&B) geek I was when I was younger (which isn’t to say that I’m not now), my friends and I once had a discussion of which female R&B singers didn’t get the love that we felt they deserved. In other words, after you got past the Arethas, the Pattis, the Chakas, the Gladys’s and the Anitas, who else should be showered with love and accolades? Some of the names we threw out: Teena Marie, Stephanie Mills and Phyllis Hyman were three. I always say Stephanie Mills and even Melba Moore should be on the list. But one singer that I demanded be included was Patti Austin.

Why Patti Austin? Well, she might be one of the most versatile vocalists I’ve ever heard sing. You want her to sing something from the Great American Songbook? She can do that. Need her to do a pop ballad? Done that too, and even hit #1 with a duet. Want some R&B? Most definitely, she has that up her sleeve. She’s even done commercial jingles, and sung backup for a list of artists so long, I might be writing until tomorrow to list them all.

Today, for my #RomanticTuesday song, I’m reaching way back to Ms. Austin’s second solo album, 1977’s Havana Candy. It’s a little pop-soul song called “We’re In Love.”

When Austin released this album and song, she may have still been singing jingles and doing background vocals for some of the best in the business. She was one year away from appearing on her godfather Quincy Jones’ album Sounds…And Stuff Like That! On that album she sung lead on several songs, including a remake of Stevie Wonder’s “Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)”, and a duet with Luther Vandross called “I’m Gonna Miss You In The Morning”.

Music has been a part of Austin’s life since she was a little girl. She was urged on stage at the Apollo by Dinah Washington at the tender age of four. By her late teens, she was already doing session work. Throughout her career, she has been able to do a little bit of everything vocally. Today’s song is one of my favorites of her early solo work on CTI records, the label headed by Creed Taylor, which was best known for its  releases by George Benson, Grover Washington, Jr. and other jazz fusion artists. The song itself didn’t do a whole lotβ€”it peaked at #90 on the R&B list. But it features one of the best female singers working, to these ears at least. And the song’s lyrics are the very definition of romantic.

I hope you enjoy this performance by Patti Austin; I’m sure she’ll be featured again here on the blog. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

36 Replies to “There’s A Kind Of Magic In The Air #RomanticTuesday”

  1. A lovely choice for Romantic Tuesday, Tracy. I’m glad you were the “Geek” for spotting these talented Divas. Patti Austin, is very definitely up there and she has so many good songs on her own and in duets. I was once hooked by a CD I heard playing in a small store. I loved the whole album but here is one of my favorites:

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      1. Well now, we are really squatting here on Tracy’s blog. But I think Tracy should know that he is spreading good music. I’m so glad you also liked Patti Austin, Joan. Another favorite among many is: What’s at the end of the Rainbow? – a very good question for you and I at this pointπŸ˜€

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      2. Chevvy, you and Joan are more than welcome to squat at my blog for as long as you both wish. Now that both of you have left blogging (but thankfully, not WordPress yet), feel free to hang around as long as you like.

        Thank you for the compliment; I hope to keep spreading the good music as long as I keep writing about it. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh this song – this song – would you understand what I mean when a song does somersaults in your stomach because of the memories it conjures up. Well, listening to this song after a long while, I’m reminded of a special time in my life. Thank you for this beautiful song.

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      2. Chevvy, you’re welcome. It is a beautiful version of that particular song. And yes I do understand exactly what you mean by that. Glad my choice helped to remind you of that special time.

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      1. Lady G. rest assured that I miss “Sunday coming down” myself. It’s a shame because I do it anyway for myself. Sunday – late afternoon just aint Sunday afternoon without those smooth jazzy grooves to help melt the sunset. Ah! I sigh – what’s a girl to do? So meanwhile, I’m taking the opportunities where I can – right here on Tracy’s blog.

        As for Lootha – I liked him big. Though he looked cute when he was thinner – he looked comfortable in his skin when he was the big dude.
        My impression is that modern music is about image and big marketing and fancy videos but the great artists of yore – I think we followed them much more for their music than their images. Besides, I wonder if Maysa would be congruent with her voice if she was a weed. Maybe Tracy’s right, those who are gone are “gone” for other reasons. Sometimes death took them away or they were signed up to the wrong record label or they were too niche for the broader market. I’d like to say that we have discerning taste here. Can’t resist leaving you with another musician that I enjoy -especially this song:

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      2. Hey Chevvy!!!
        You know, as I was reading this I couldn’t help imagining you enjoying your own personal “Sunday Coming Down.” And what a beautiful image it was.
        Actually, I think it is an ingenious idea to listen to some nice jazz or mellow tunes on Sunday Evening to take some of the harshness off the upcoming Monday.
        Where did you get the idea to do that?
        Again, pure genius!
        I think you get where I am coming from about weight and female singers. My Twin could be right about the influence of other factors but your point about Maysa is a very good one. You know how much we three love that girl!
        I am responding to this post from ‘notifications’ so your video selection is still a surprise. As soon as I post this comment, I will hop over to A Joyful Process and check it out!
        I already know it is going to be the bomb!!!!
        ALWAYS a pleasure to ‘see’ and chat with you love!

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      3. Hey there Gwin. I remember a radio show host once saying that you should be in your own home on a Sunday afternoon, ready to draw the curtains and prepare yourself mentally for the week ahead otherwise your week goes awry. Not saying that I believe that totally but I think it helps. Our radio stations also tend to do “Quiet Storm”type music on Sunday afternoons. Of course,being my own DJ, I get to make up my own Quiet Storm. But taking it a step further,I’ve structured my work contract so that I don’t have to work on Mondays and Fridays – I’m sure it will change over time but for now, I’m avoiding the Monday blues!πŸ˜€

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  2. Patti’s voice is so natural, it flows so easily between soft and loud, high and low, verse and refrain. Like a satin ribbon tying every part of the song together. Mmmm-mmm. Love the album name too, Havana Candy. Great choice, T Wayne, very romantic. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Joan. Her versatility, her voice and the fact that she can sing practically anything, and sing it well, makes her one of my favorites. Her cover of The Platters’ “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” is another of my favorites. If you get a chance take a listen to it; I’ve included it here in the comments.

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  3. But see you faked me out good!!!
    I was thinking “Come to me” because it contains a similar lyric:
    “There’s a special kinda magic in the air…”
    YAAASSS honey Ms. Patti Austin never got her due!
    You know, back then, it seems that when the bigger girls lost weight they fell out of sight–Not of their own volition–I can assure you.
    Think about it, besides Patti Austin think about Vesta Williams and Jennifer Holliday–when they lost that weight they were ‘gone’.
    Of course we really lost Vesta-which was sad.
    Anyway, this is a great post and I am so glad to see Chevvy come around.
    Don’t you miss a good Sunday coming down?

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    1. I always miss a good Sunday coming down, Twin!

      Thanks again Twin! I thought about that “fake out” because I knew that “Come To Me” had that similar lyric. And yes, it would have worked for #RomanticTuesday also.

      There are so many songs I could have chosen to write about for Patti Austin. I have always been a big fan of hers, as I mentioned, because she is so versatile. Many of the greats that I listed in the post aren’t quite as versatile as she is.

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      1. That might be true; in Patti’s case she was “gone” in terms of R&B long before she lost her weight. So maybe her case is a bit different. It also may be that music changed so much in R&B that what Jennifer and Vesta brought to the table didn’t fit the format anymore. I know Vesta’s last couple albums were primarily played on the urban adult stations as opposed to the mainstream R&B at that time.

        A song like “Special” or “Congratulations” which were big R&B hits on mainstream stations when they came out, were pretty much out of date about a decade later. So I don’t know that her losing the weight played a big part in that.

        Then we have Luther Vandross…which is a whole ‘nother case study…

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