Smooth Jazz Sunday: Hey Girl

Brian Culbertson is no stranger to this blog. I’ve already featured two of his songs here; one on my birthday (which was a Smooth Jazz Sunday tune before I gave these posts that name), and one a few days later for a #RomanticTuesday song that was well-received. Culbertson has just released a new album that came out on Friday called Funk! It is something of a sequel of sorts to his album Bringing Back The Funk, which was released eight years ago.

I’ve listened to the new album already, and I find very enjoyable. So much so, I think I’ll be featuring one of the songs for Funky Friday later this week. One difference: with most of Culbertson’s albums the songs are mostly instrumentals, with a few vocal tracks. This time out most of the songs feature vocals, whether full-on leads or group choruses or chants, with only a couple that are pure instrumentals. Today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday tune has a bit of that old-school funk ballad vibe, and it’s called “Hey Girl.”

The album reminds me not only of Culbertson’s Bringing Back The Funk, but also of The Fonk Record, a posthumous album from Wayman Tisdale after he passed from cancer at age 44. Tisdale’s album leaned more toward the P-Funk side of the genre, while Culbertson has a little of that vibe, his funk is in an Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang type of style. In all cases, there is a sense of fun and looseness in the grooves. Today’s song is no exception.

So settle back, as Culbertson and his band (which features the leader on keys, and probably on trombone as part of the horn section) give you a smooth, yet funky groove to start off your Sunday. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

14 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Hey Girl”

  1. Fun and looseness indeed. Pointed piano was the star here, with its tinkling high notes. Subdued horns–I really had to listen for them in the background. The rippling explosion of notes from the, keyboard, or synthesizer maybe? were like a kaleidoscope of sound. Relaxing, would make a great background track for an hour of adult coloring (my newest hobby) or making tie dye t-shirts. Another great Sunday pick, TWayne! 🙂

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  2. I love the bands you mention above for sure…
    Really enjoyed this smooth piece for a relaxing Sunday…I listen to it twice hehe..
    Thank you for this and sharing…Enjoyed oh so much!!

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      1. Hey T.Wayne my friend!!!
        I really did enjoy it : ) I thought I read that it was a brand new band…I need to go back and get the name so I can look them up and with any luck on youtube I can listen to more …
        I love the sound and yes how it does sound like something earth wind & fire or Kool and the gang would play it’s soothing and enjoyable but up to date without sounding like everyday crap that they play on the radio or what one might hear…
        I understand that nervous feeling sometimes I get the same way when I post …lol..I want others to like and comment on what I blog on but in all reality I am posting like a journal or thoughts of my own so it is ok if no one likes them or gets them ..that is the scary and fun about blogs for me anyways lol…
        Now if you had to perform them that would be stressful lol but since you mention it can you play any instruments ??? or just that strong love of great musik??
        Hugggggs n love my friend

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      2. Hi Suzette! The artist is Brian Culbertson and his new album is called Funk! I think you can find the whole thing on YouTube.

        I never played any instruments at all, unless you count the bongos one time with a band that played at one of my college parties! I just love music and I love sharing what I like with other people. You are right that this is more like a journal of my thoughts than actual performance; so glad for your perspective!

        Take care, T. Wayne 😊

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      3. Hey T.Wayne!!
        I will look him up for sure again thank you for the name…Oh I will look forward to hearing this whole cd playing thru my system here on the computer…thank you again…
        Well than YES!! I think that qualify you as playing lol..
        I can tell that you really love musik and the history of it..I enjoy your picks and love to learn and appreciate hearing something new like I have from you and also bringing back great memories as well…I am so happy that you share with everyone I know it usually makes me happy to start my day with musik and well usually it’s always playing somewhere if not on here then it’s on tv lol…
        OMG so glad I could help !!!!….sometimes I just have useless information up in that brain of mine …sometimes it gets scary lmao and sometimes I can help others and when I can or be there for them that is the best for me…
        Hope this Monday is treating you well and that the rest of the week is easy on ya…

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  3. Not the waa waa guitar effect? I like it 🙂
    Do you feel randy?
    Sorry, I can’t pass up a good “Austin Powers” reference.
    Twin this is very nice. I am going to go ahead and add it to my collection.

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