It’s Time For Us To Get Back Together #RomanticTuesday

I’m going to guess that a song about wishing an ex would come back so that the couple can start all over can be a romantic song. And if that statement is indeed true, then I have the tune for you. For the first #RomanticTuesday in October, I have chosen “Wishing On A Star” by Rose Royce.

The song never answers the question as to whether or not the ex comes back, but the sound of the song conveys the longing and the yearning for the singer to have that “old thing back.” It’s not quite begging, but you can feel the passion behind it. To me, that is romantic, even if it doesn’t necessarily make it a “love” song.

Rose Royce came to fame as a backing band for Motown artists before getting their own shot, thanks to one-time Motown producer Norman Whitfield. Whitfield was a famous songwriter and producer, most notably in a writing partnership with Barrett Strong (writer and singer of “Money (That’s What I Want”) and as a producer for the Temptations during their “psychedelic soul” phase. He’s also responsible for their mega-hit “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone.”

Rose Royce was the group behind the soundtrack to the 1976 movie Car Wash, which starred Richard Pryor. The title song became a smash hit and the album also featured two additional hits: “I Wanna Get Next To You,” and the original version of “I’m Going Down,” which was later sung by Mary J. Blige. Today’s song is taken from their second album In Full Bloom. The album proved to be a big hit, but this song was not, at least on this side of the Atlantic. It could only muster a #52 placing on the R&B chart, but made it all the way to #3 in the United Kingdom. Like a lot of songs that I have featured, it is a favorite on Quiet Storm programs and is played and requested often.

Despite its low chart placing here in the States, the song has become a ballad standard. A glance at the website reveals twenty-five covers of the song, by artists as varied as Beyoncé, Teena Marie, MFSB, Luka Bloom, Will Downing, Maysa (Leak), Marion Meadows, The Cover Girls and so many more. In addition, the original song has been sampled (used as part of other songs) another twenty-six times, mostly by rappers like Jay-Z, Masta Ace and Raekwon.

So, is it romantic? Is it not? Whatever it is, it’s my pick for #RomanticTuesday. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

45 Replies to “It’s Time For Us To Get Back Together #RomanticTuesday”

  1. Hey T.Wayne..
    Good morning or almost afternoon lol..
    another great song to start off Tuesday..
    I believe it to be a romantic lol but who am I to judge I just like it lol..
    Hope today treats you well my friend..

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  2. Love Rose Royce. And you are right…I always think of the quiet storm when I hear this song.
    Also..interesting tidbit…Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone was number one the week I was born. It is the first song I listen to on my birthday every year. Gets the day started in a funky way!

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    1. Wow…that is a fun little tidbit indeed! Yes, you can’t go too far wrong than the Temptations’ version of the song. The way that Norman Whitfield set up the instrumentation, it just sounds so good!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  3. I love this song both by Rose Royce and the versions you know I like. Definitely romantic in my mind. It’s a lovely thought to believe that the stars can connect two people and maybe the good memories or feelings that come with it.

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  4. Sorry for being late to the party but you know already know I was here in spirit.
    Yes, Twin, this definitely is romantic.
    Who hasn’t wished on a star in hopes that a certain someone will somehow get the message.

    I wish Rose Royce had had a bit more staying power like Con Funk Shun or Cameo because they were really good.

    They had all the things we (You, Chevvy and I-in particular) love the best! Brass, vocals—all dat!!!

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      1. Whaaaaaa? Girl you need to go to Twin’s Friday Funk from a few weeks back and listen to that Cameo groove that he offered us! YAAASSSSS!
        I don’t even know where to start with these two groups. Do you Twin?
        Maybe just go back to the ’70’s and work your way up to the early mid 80’s for these boys.
        I just can’t call it!
        But I will say that WAYNE COOPER of CAMEO has got to be one of the best falsettos to do it!
        Check this out:

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    1. Yes, Twin…Rose Royce was a great band. I wonder if they were considered a “Norman Whitfield” project—meaning that his influence overwhelmed their talent. Another issue might have been that the female lead singer seemingly changed from album to album, so it may have been that people looked at them differently with the changes. Finally, after about 1980, like many bands with all the things we love, they struggled once electronics started taking hold.

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      1. Yeah, I think that both of those are very valid points.
        I saw their “Unsung” and the band expressed that Mr. Whitfield did have a whole lot of influence.
        I don’t know why but he and Dick Griffey at SOLAR (later) remind me of each other.
        Anyway, in the show, the band also seemed to insinuate that Mr. Whitfield was more focused on Gwen Whatchamacalit–the first lead singer.
        By the way, she has been living in England since the 1970’s a la Sheila Ferguson.
        It’s so funny because ol’ girl was from Mississippi (I think) and now she has a bit of a British Accent—Yes, I’m talking about the same chick that hollered: “Lemme tell ya it’s always cool and the boss don’t mind sometime if ya ack a fool.”

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      2. Hahaha! Maybe it’s a “when in Rome” type of thing with her accent! LOL!

        I think I agreed with your points about Cameo and ConFunkShun in another comment…you might have to scroll down to see it. I also thanked you for being my hype(wo)man! LOL!

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      3. LOL!!! I’ll go read it now!
        I don’t need to hype you Twin! Not when it comes to music. You got that thing on lock!
        That freaking Cameo Funky Friday post had me SHOOK!!!

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  5. Oh this is a great introduction – some good falsetto here – will definitely check them out Gwin.

    Btw – we’ve got the Stylistics and Whispers coming our way early next year and they’ll be joined by Lenny Williams. I’m thinking of those high notes of Lenny’s “Cause I love you” Come hit it with me y’all 😉

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      1. I have really come up in the world…my Twin is my hype (wo)man!

        My neighbor plays “‘Cause I Love You” like it was still 1978!!! But then, it is a GREAT song. No one should be unaware as to how it goes at this point.

        As to where to begin with ConFunkShun and Cameo, I’d find some greatest hits listing or album somewhere for both, but be warned: Cameo from 1977-1982 is a bit of a different band than Cameo from 1983-1990 or so. The membership shrunk down to three members and they weren’t a full-on funk band at that point. ConFunkShun roughly stayed the same until they split in 1986 or so, but they started using more electronics in their songs as well. As Gwin says, I’d start with anything from 1977 for both bands, for that was the year they broke out in a big way.

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      2. I didn’t see a reply button by your comment so I just stepped up here knowing that you’ll get it.
        Yes Twin, it is very important to make the distinction about the difference between Cameo post Larry Blackmon’s decision to throw away all the instruments!
        Think I didn’t when I did?
        YAAASSS, I went right back to “My Jams.” LOL!!!

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    1. Thanks Lisa! It’s certainly my favorite, but there are other good versions of it. Not really a fan of the Cover Girls version though, and Beyoncé did what she does with it, but I would never say hers is better than the original.

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  6. Tracy, when you talk about your neighbour always playing “Cause I love you” – we once had neighbours who would fight on a Saturday night and then play Aretha’s “I see the clock upon the wall” every Sunday morning. This couple eventually got divorced. I think about their throwing of pots and pans whenever I hear that song 😀

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