I’m Gonna Pull Back The Shades Of My Fear This Morning

The first time I heard today’s song, it was in the morning. It was one of those mornings that I woke up early—too early in fact. Either I turned on the radio next to the bed, or more likely, it was still playing from the night before. The overnight DJ was about to sign off and he played this song. From the moment I heard the opening lines, it stuck with me.

I’m gonna open up my heart

To the world this morning

See if I can help a friend

Over the years, every now and then I would hear this song and would instantly resolve to play it to start my day. Yet, all these years later, I still don’t do it. It’s similar to Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly’s “Golden Time Of Day” that I always say I should play when the sun goes down each day. No, I don’t play that one either.

But now that I have a blog, and I feature a song most every day, I get to play this song at least this morning. Today’s song is “Open Up My Heart” by the Dells.

The Dells may be the only group to have R&B hits in five different decades (the 1950s through the 1990s), and were together for sixty years. This song was written and produced by Bobby Miller and arranged by Charles Stepney, who would later work with Earth, Wind & Fire. The group was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame the same year. This song made it to #5 in 1970 on the R&B chart, one of their top ten hits from their most productive and successful period. Sadly, lead singer Marvin Junior (it’s his booming baritone voice that you hear throughout) and Johnny Carter (the falsetto who also was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Flamingos) have passed away. But their dual-voiced attack powered many of the Dells signature songs, including this one.

Best of all, the song has a message that we all should heed—we all should try to be a friend to somebody, each and every day. Maybe things would be very different if we all lived up to that statement. I hope you enjoy this old, old song that I still love. Yeah, I should play it every morning.

As always, thanks for reading and listening.

16 Replies to “I’m Gonna Pull Back The Shades Of My Fear This Morning”

  1. Ah! what a lovely, empowering song this is. I have a bit of the Dells but haven’t heard this one before. Remember when we did the male vocalist list, I had to choose between the baritones and falsettos -being a sucker for them both. So I love this with both voices. I must add it to my playlist. And yes, Golden time of day belongs right there to. I also got to thinking about Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ “Wake up everybody” Great post Tracy!

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  2. Thanks. I have to give my mom credit for introducing me to the Dells, but she didn’t introduce me to this song. I’ll always admire them for their longevity and they had some really good songs, of which this is obviously one.

    Wake Up Everybody is another great song for the morning. I was thinking about The Rascals A Beautiful Morning also, or even Here Comes The Sun. Thanks again Chevvy!

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    1. Well, I think your Mom had great taste. I’m not so sure that my daughters have an appreciation for my music but I hope that one day when they hear some of my music, they’ll be reminded of home.
      Interesting – the names of those old bands – The rascals, intruders, impressions, Blue magic and .. and.. Enjoy the rest of your day Tracy!

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      1. Thanks, Chevvy! Yes, those old bands and groups certainly had some memorable names. I’m sure your day is about to turn over to a new day at this point, but I did have a good day, thank you.

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  3. I love the sentiment and the easy-listening harmony of the voices. Would be a great song to start every day. I say that too, and don’t do it either. Maybe write the words and post them someplace you’ll see them every day? Thanks, T Wayne. 🙂

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  4. Hey T, not sure if you have Netflix or not and maybe you’ve already seen it, but I watched Take me to the river, find it through their search area. All about the Mississippi delta and STAX records. New recordings with the pioneers paired with new artists, Snoop, Lil Peanut, etc…..I think you’d enjoy it. A movie documentary but a lot of excellent footage, happy and sad but I loved it. Morning songs that inspire rock too, I can’t sleep with music on…gotta put in earplugs as I hear everything and I wake too much without😊☀️🌴

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