Funky Friday: Been Around The World

As promised, I said that I would feature a song from Brian Culbertson’s new album Funk! on Funky Friday, and so I have completed the mission. The album is chock-full of good grooves and I have enjoyed it immensely. So much so, it was difficult to choose one song for the Funky Friday post. But I think I have one that meets the criteria, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s one of my favorites on the album. Today’s Funky Friday song is “Been Around The World.”

In a series of videos Culbertson posted in advance of the album release, he explained that he built a brand new recording studio and gave the viewers a tour. In one of those videos, he showed his band members working on parts for one of the songs (not this one). It was fascinating to see how the different instruments and players worked together to create the music.

As far as this song is concerned, front and center among them all is Culbertson’s piano playing, which is always tasteful and in this case, serves as a fine lead. Then there is the horn section, which may also feature Culbertson on trombone, roaring throughout the track. Add in rhythm guitar, a popping bass, and some party vocals on top and you’ve got a funky track, 2016 style.

I would love to see Culbertson and his band play some of the songs from this album live, but unfortunately, he is coming into the area behind Incognito’s performance that I’ve already got tickets to see. I don’t know if there’s enough room in the budget to see both acts. That won’t stop me from enjoying this album and the songs from it.

I hope you find this as funky as I do. As always, thanks for reading and listening, and I hope you have a great weekend!


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