Musical Affirmation: 10/6/2016

My musical Twin Lady G has started a new Thursday music series (and I’m a bit late with the reblog since this is the second post of the series), but it features a song that we share a extraordinary musical bit of synchronicity with, and a song that I absolutely adore. Feel free to leave comments at her blog.


alley-1652442_1920Beginnings by Chicago (Originally released in 1969).  Re-released in 1971.

“Only the beginning…only just the start”

Today’s MANTRA!!!!

Make no mistake brass fans, Lady G is bringing you LIFE today!



I go to sixty-seventh heaven EVER-Y-TIME I hear the horns blasting on this jam!

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time-best believe that!

And so:

Today’s affirmation:  I now welcome new and positive beginnings!

Yes baby!  Fall is in the air!  The possibilities are endless!  A new start!

It’s ONLY the beginning!

Come on y’all!  Let’s rock this jam right into a new beginning!

Video Credit:  MsDreamscaper

Chicago!!!  ‘Rock with Horns Band.’

I just can’t with Robert Lamm on this jam!  Sorry y’all, I had to throw that one in for old times sake 😉

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