Smooth Jazz Sunday: Pulse Of The Universe

You would have thought I was the one who was about to get married.

The week of my daughter’s wedding, I was determined not to be anxious. It wasn’t that I had that much to do; I only needed to write something to say during the rehearsal dinner for my daughter, and be ready to walk her down the aisle on the big day. Well, maybe there was something; I had to see my ex, who was mother of the bride.

During the week leading up to the wedding, I was listening to Paul Hardcastle’s album,Β The Chill Lounge, Volume 2. If I needed an album to keep me calm, I found the right one. The song I gravitated to the most was “Pulse Of The Universe,” which is the featured song for Smooth Jazz Sunday today.

Hardcastle has been around for over thirty years; I remember his first hit was “Rain Forest,” an R&B and dance hit in 1985. I remember it being the soundtrack behind a lot of breakdancing sessions. What no one could tell when that song was released was that Hardcastle would become a prolific source of music, not just under his own name, but also as Silent Underdog, The Jazzmasters and Kiss The Sky. Just about everything he has released has been mostly electronics, with some of his work augmented by woodwinds and a few guest vocalists, depending on the project.

For this song, it’s all synthesizers, programmed electronic beats and some wordless vocals. (A slightly different version appears on Hardcastle’sΒ Jazzmasters VII album). For me, it was a perfect song to keep me in chill mode, particularly as the day approached for my daughter and her soon to be husband. As for those words for my daughter? I came up with a little something. As for any anxiety? Thanks to Mr. Hardcastle, this track and the album it was featured on, I was as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Here’s hoping your Sunday morning is pretty chill also, if not, maybe this tune can help. Hope your Sunday is great, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

20 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Pulse Of The Universe”

  1. Sitting here listening, chilling out. Definitely great sound through headphones with the different frequencies pulsating in alternate ears. Thanks for choosing and sharing this one, and glad that you got through the wedding rehearsal dinner. I’m dreading that day that I will be in that same position. Great track, positive vibes, and a very chilled Sunday to you!

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    1. Hello, and thank you! I am so glad you liked today’s song, and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I think you will be fine when that day comes; this song definitely helped to keep me calm. It’s amazing what sticks with you when you look back at times like those; this song has become a favorite of mine and I owe it to that week.

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    1. That’s a good one you’ve picked, Lisa. Thanks, I’m glad you liked “Pulse Of The Universe.” Most of his music now is more in line with today’s song and the one you’ve chosen, than the harder dance beats he used to do when he started. He does still do some uptempo things, but they aren’t quite as powerful as the older stuff.

      I think I remember that post from Jim. I’m pretty sure I liked the song he chose also.

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  2. Pulse of the Universe is the perfect name for this song. I can imagine putting my fingers on a velvet night sky and feeling its pulse seep into my consciousness, a steady beat that says life is good and everything is gonna be OK. Love your line “I was as cool as the other side of the pillow” a wonderful simile. Good luck in your new role as father-in-law. You’ve got this, T Wayne. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Twin. No need to lie, music can soothe the anxiety we often place on ourselves. I was determined not to be anxious about anything that week; even more so in the future since then. Like you, I am a big fan of Hardcastle’s too, though sometimes I think he releases almost too much music to keep up with, and often rehashes songs he’s already done.

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      1. That’s right Twin.
        We are a community and we can share our feelings.
        As for Hardcastle, I know exactly what you mean, at one time he was churning stuff out left and right πŸ™‚

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