80’s Mania Mondays: So Many Nights I Longed To Hold You

Some years ago, today’s song was featured in a commercial for Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Just a few weeks ago, the Robert Glasper Experiment released an album called ArtScience which included a cover version of the song, sung with a vocoder.

No matter who covers it, be it Rick Springfield, Craig David or even Zo! & Tigallo, the definitive version belongs to a synth-pop act that came to fame back in the 1980s. Like many acts during the 80s, they joined forces with the hot production duo Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis for a big hit. A big hit they got, all the way to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #3 on the R&B chart.

“Human” by the Human League is today’s 80’s Monday Mania song.

“Human” was written by Jam & Lewis for the group’s album Crash. The group started sessions for the album by working with the production team, but creative disputes ended those sessions early. It appears that Jam & Lewis thought the group should sound one way, while the members thought the sound should be different. Thankfully for all of us, they were able to create this great song.

For the Human League, which started out as an all-male instrumental group, but turned into a synth-pop trio, it was their second #1 hit, after the influential and popular “Don’t You Want Me.” The group had trouble maintaining the success after “Human”; they had three additional singles make the pop charts, but none could ascend any higher than #31. The group is still together today and still touring; their last album was released five years ago.

What memories do you have about this song? For me, it reminds me of my junior year of college; the first half of which was pretty good for the most part. I remember buying Crash on vinyl at the college bookstore, but I thought that the full album was only so-so. There were a couple of good songs on it, but today’s song was the one great one.

I hope you enjoy today’s 80’s Mania Monday song, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

16 Replies to “80’s Mania Mondays: So Many Nights I Longed To Hold You”

  1. Freshmen year of High School listening to B-104! I remember walking the halls, trying not to be noticed! I would get home from school, turn up the radio, and get lost in a book!

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  2. Ah yes, sweet memories… first year out of high school, my sister and I spending entire weekends laying out by the pool (and living in Tucson, it didn’t really matter what month it was, lol). Oh, and peach wine coolers (don’t ask… I was 18, what can I say, :D) A great song!

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    1. Thanks, Paula! I imagine living in Tucson, it wouldn’t matter what month it was! I was in Phoenix this year for four days and remember thinking fondly about the abundant sunshine, but not so much the heat, at least not in the first week of May!

      I know people who still drink wine coolers, so no shame there! LOL

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    1. Wow, wine coolers are cheap there! Or it may be that it’s been so long since I had a wine cooler I’m not aware of the price.

      I’m pretty sure that song is still being played in a lot of places; I know you were kidding, but the good ones seem to last a long time.

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  3. Lisa be killing me.
    I remember this jam but for some reason I can’t associate it with a memory that seems strongly plausible.
    Somehow I vaguely recall it playing at the mall while I was working.
    I dunno but Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis will always make it so!

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