Just Too Good To Be True #RomanticTuesday

Most of us can remember a time when you met that special someone you believed was the one. But as you believed it, you wondered if it was really real, or whether it was a dream. If it was something you imagined to be so, or if it was tangible and truly existed.

Today’s #RomanticTuesday song takes on that very situation, as David Lewis and Sharon Bryant of Atlantic Starr work out whether or not what they feel is real, or is something out of a dream. “Am I Dreaming” is today’s #RomanticTuesday tune.

Atlantic Starr is one of those groups that arrived on the music scene in the late seventies as a full-on band, with horn players, a rhythm section and a trio of singers: brothers David & Wayne Lewis, and Bryant. As the 80s came in, the band eventually followed the pattern of many groups and bands from the 70s: they began to shrink the number of members. From what was a nine-member band, Atlantic Starr had dwindled to five members by the middle of the 80s. Unfortunately for many of the band’s fans, one of those members who left during that period was Bryant; many fans believe that she was the band’s best female vocalist. Since she left, four other women have filled that spot—a few of them had big hits with the group—but none of them were as memorable, in my opinion, as Bryant. All of that is not to slight David Lewis, who helps to make this song a perfect duet.

Contained on the group’s third album, Radiant, it stands in the shadow of “Send For Me,” which was also a part of that album. While “Send For Me” reached the R&B top 20, today’s song never was released; but like many of the songs I choose for #RomanticTuesday, it is played frequently on Quiet Storm programs and is a favorite of many. Fun fact: also at that time, the group worked witih James Anthony Carmichael, who was producing the Commodores. It also serves as proof to one of my blogger friends (yes, I’m looking at you Lisa A.) that Atlantic Starr is more than just “Secret Lovers.” Incidentally, Atlantic Starr has a single that is now getting airplay on the radio called “My Best Friend.” The group is currently performing as a quartet, with brothers Wayne & Jonathan Lewis (both were original members of the band) with new members L’John Epps and Melissa Pierce. The new song, for what it’s worth, doesn’t stray too far from their “Always” and “Masterpiece” days.

I hope you enjoy “Am I Dreaming” by Atlantic Starr, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.


20 Replies to “Just Too Good To Be True #RomanticTuesday”

  1. Lol. Thanks for the shout out, Tracy! I guess they aren’t one-hit wonders. I remember “Secret Lovers” coming on the radio when I was a kid. My mom would get all pissed off and immediately change the radio station. Lol. She said it was a nasty song.

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    1. Hahahaha! It’s about cheating, so maybe that’s why. But “Always” was a #1 hit, so no they weren’t one-hit wonders. Today’s song is one of my favorites by them.

      You’re welcome for the shout out!

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      1. Yes that’s why she hated that song. Lol. She never said anything about “Always.” The video is super cheesy though. 😂 I don’t remember the one you picked today but it’s alright.

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  2. Oh I got some STRONG memories associated with this jam. You know I talked about that in My Jams. It involved a serious decision.
    Atlantic Starr showed out on this one and “Send for me.”
    But I ain’t gonna lie; I looked at the lyric and thought this was gonna be one of those Frankie Valli joints! “I love you baby..and if it’s quite alright….!”

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