Smooth Jazz Sunday: Jungle Wave

Fooling around at the CD changer, I’m mixing up some smooth jazz tunes when one catches my mother’s ear.

Mom asks, “What’s the name of that song you’re playing?”

“This one?”

“Yeah,” Mom says.

“Oh, it’s called ‘Jungle Wave’ by Tom Scott,” I reply.

“I like that one. Can you play it again?”

“Sure, Mom.”

Thus began my mother’s love for today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday song.

Ever since that day, I became aware of my mother’s love of saxophone-led instrumentals. Boney James may be her current favorite—I had to make copies of both of his Christmas CDs for her—but she’s liked them no matter who was playing. Bands or soloists, featured guest or sideman, she loves her saxophones.

In Tom Scott, she couldn’t have picked a better, or more experienced player. There isn’t much that Scott hasn’t done in a career spanning almost fifty years. He’s written theme songs for television shows, been a musical director for award shows, he’s been a sideman in bands, he’s led his own band, he’s played with some of the greats and guested on albums for hundreds more. Chances are, you’ve probably heard his work and not even known who he was.

I first heard this one on the radio, as the DJ was playing it into a commercial break on a Quiet Storm show. Within weeks, I had heard it again on a smooth jazz brunch on a Sunday morning. I did some digging and found out that it was Scott, from his album Reed My Lips. Once I got the CD, it reached mom’s ears, and the rest is history.

I hope you like “Jungle Wave,” and that sounds good for your Sunday. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

4 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Jungle Wave”

    1. Thank you Joan. Tom Scott was one of those players I heard a lot of growing up, but never really knew who he was. There were some other songs I could have chosen, but I remembered how much my mother liked this one.

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  1. The Lady P has really good taste in music! But what else would I expect from the mother of such a prolific writer of all things musical 😉
    Very nice Twin; I’m digging that little island beat 🙂

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    1. Prolific! Ha! Yes, that’s one way to describe it! Thank you, Twin! Yes, my mom does have good taste, whether I find stuff for her, or the stuff she introduced to me growing up with that old box of 45s! Now I’m waiting to see what other songs she wants on a CD. Hahaha!


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