The Picture In My Mind Is Very Clear #RomanticTuesday

No, I didn’t sing this one to a girl I was interested in. After that experience, I just let Luther Vandross do all the singing. I stuck to writing and putting words together, plus the occasional musical love letter.

It just seems so natural that a Luther Vandross song should be featured on a #RomanticTuesday. So, here is one among many that I could have chosen. It’s “Wait For Love” on this #RomanticTuesday.

Taken from my favorite Luther album The Night I Fell In Love, “Wait For Love” is one of a number of great songs on the release. I’ve already written about my love for “Other Side Of The World” here on the blog (aka the song I tried to sing), and other ballads like his covers of Brenda Russell’s “If Only For One Night” and Stevie Wonder’s “Creepin'” are definitely highlights. The album is full of good songs sung beautifully well.

Vandross may well be the greatest male singer I’ve heard in my lifetime. I was fortunate enough to see him twice in concert and enjoyed myself immensely. He truly was a “what you heard on the recording he could do live” kind of singer. While he was alive, I bought every one of his solo albums, save for any live albums. Who needed those, when I saw him in person already?

Before he found stardom as a solo artist, he was similar to Patti Austin in that he sang jingles for a living, as well as lots of background vocal work. He also arranged and sang the background vocals for David Bowie on “Young Americans.” He wrote a song for the musical The Wiz entitled “Brand New Day.” He also fronted a vocal group called Luther, but had limited success. Most notably, he sang lead vocals for the disco group Change, on the hit songs “Searching” and “The Glow Of Love.” His first solo single, “Never Too Much,” hit number one on the R&B charts, and the rest was history.

The song speaks of being hopeful and keeping the faith that love will come your way. It cautions against giving up too easily, and though you may have to wait a long time, your chance is coming. You have to believe and be filled with hope. I hope you like today’s #RomanticTuesday song, and thanks for reading and listening.


9 Replies to “The Picture In My Mind Is Very Clear #RomanticTuesday”

  1. This song is soooo romantic, and a great showcase for Luther’s voice. Smooth switchbacks and clarity in the words whether he belts it out or whispers. I love the bass shadows beneath the lyrics. Great pick, TW! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Joan! I think he always made sure that no matter what he sang, the focus would always be on that amazing instrument of his. You could almost always understand what he was singing when he performed.

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  2. You already know how I feel ’bout “Other side of the world.”
    You can never go wrong with a Luther Vandross cut for Romantic Tuesday!
    Boy I wish I could have heard your rendition 🙂

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    1. Thank you Susan! I actually thought about “Here And Now” as a #RomanticTuesday for this one, but I’m sure it will appear sometime. Much like James Brown for Funky Friday, a Luther song could go every week for #RomanticTuesday.

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