Pump It Up, This Is High Powered Stuff

I usually don’t put the two YouTube versions of the same song in one post, but I did today. The reason being, there was a couple minor issues with the actual video of today’s song. I definitely wanted to have the original video up, but I could only find one decent copy on YouTube. Unfortunately, it was cut off at the beginning, and the audio drops in a couple places, but it does show the singers of today’s song doing some dance moves. In any event, I have the full audio of the song posted too.

Today’s song is “Rollin’ With Kid ‘N Play” by Kid ‘N Play.

I don’t usually feature rap songs, but today I wanted something with a little go-go kick to it. While I didn’t go with one of Washington DC’s go-go bands, I decided to roll with Kid ‘N Play. Some of you may remember the duo from the House Party movies. In any event, if you’ve ever seen Christopher “Kid” Reid, you would know him from his hi-top fade. His partner, Christopher “Play” Martin, would also have a fade haircut, but not quite as high.

This was their most popular song on the R&B list, just missing the top ten at #11. Once the movies became popular, they even had their own cartoon series. But after the movies and the cartoon ran their course, they both kind of faded from the music scene. Reid continued acting, while Martin began working with Christian hip-hop projects, though he also became a professor at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina.

I always thought they were alright as rappers, but I liked their dance moves better. You can see those in the video below, and especially in the first House Party movie.

I hope you enjoy “Rollin’ With Kid ‘N Play.” As always, thanks for reading and listening.

8 Replies to “Pump It Up, This Is High Powered Stuff”

    1. The House Party movies were great…at least the first two. The cartoon only lasted one season. I barely remember the cartoon, but then I wasn’t watching Saturday morning cartoons when it was on.


  1. Yessir! This one gets us ‘rocking to tha go-go beat.” I actually loved this jam. That go-go brass—you already know!
    Anyway, they weren’t bad rappers, I just think that they got caught up with “The Fresh Prince” in that phase when rap was supposed to be all hard!
    This one and Brand New Funk shoulda got more respect if you ask me.

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