Them Baseball Playoffs

Forgive me if I sound a bit bitter in this post. I’ve been watching the baseball playoffs, even to the point of missing football games. I’ve been watching team after team put in their best relief pitchers when they are needed, rather than saving them for late in the game when they have a lead. This is important, because my Orioles, just two weeks ago, left their best relief pitcher in the bullpen, and he watched like the rest of us at home as the Toronto Blue Jays walked off with a wild-card win that could have gone the other way.

Notice I say could have gone. There was no guarantee that if Zach Britton came into that game that he would get a double play ground out (there were Blue Jays on first and third base with one out at the time the game ended). There was also no guarantee the Oriole bats would wake up from the golden slumbers they were in from the sixth inning on, where they failed to register even one hit.

It may not sound like it, but I am over it. It wasn’t as if I stayed up all night with a bottle of liquor, staring out into the night sky preparing to meet the dawn when the game ended. No chance of that; I had to work the next day!

Now that I’ve vented about my O’s, the real point of the post is that I’ve been watching these games, even as I’m losing sleep. It must be said that I’ve always been a baseball fan; it was the first game that I ever loved. So every year, I pay a bit of attention to the season, but mostly the Orioles. When the postseason comes I’m locked in, watching as many games as I can. So much so, I’m neglecting sleep. Now you may say, but your recapping The Voice! Certainly, that takes up some viewing time, but I do have an ESPN app to keep track of games, and I do switch during commercial breaks. And once the show ends, I’m watching baseball. I’ve even avoided the presidential debates for sports.

Since my Orioles are gone (have I said that enough?), I’m hoping the Chicago Cubs can finally put the “curse” to rest. Not to mention the fact that I’m tired of hearing about it. Just as I was when the Boston Red Sox finally ended their World Series drought back in 2004. But no matter who wins, I’m enjoying the baseball. I’m enjoying the Los Angeles Dodgers, with one great pitcher, hang in with the Cubs. I’m enjoying the Cleveland Indians, most of whom I can barely name, threaten to put the Blue Jays under their heel for another trip to the World Series.

I know a lot of people are hoping for a Cleveland vs. Chicago World Series, because those two clubs have the longest droughts between winning a baseball championship. It doesn’t matter to me who gets there; I just would like the Cubs to win because of what I stated above. It’s not like I’ve been rooting for them all season; I live and die with the Orioles. But I would like one more sports “curse” to cease to exist, if indeed there is a curse.

P.S. The funniest thing I’ve heard all postseason is that some San Francisco Giants fans are blaming Taylor Swift for them not winning the World Series this year. The reasoning? Every even-numbered year, Swift has released an album. Except for this one. So it’s all Taylor’s fault, huh? If you haven’t seen it, you can read all about it here. The next funniest thing was that Britton’s “game-worn” jersey from the American League wild card game was sold at auction. Except Britton never appeared in the game. More about that story here.


31 Replies to “Them Baseball Playoffs”

    1. They have to hit. It’s that simple. John Lackey has a lot of experience so I’d think he might be able to keep them in the game until or hopefully when, they begin to hit. Baseball playoffs are crazy. The best team (and the Cubs are certainly more talented than the Dodgers) doesn’t always win.

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  1. T.Wayne – My husband and I are also sad about the O’s not making it into the series. I grew up in York, PA and worked in Baltimore. The city is like my second home. I do want to see a Cubbies/Tribe series. However, I want the Tribe to win because I graduated from BGSU. Stay strong, Buck will take the O’s to the series in 2017!

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    1. I will always keep the faith with the O’s, Susan! Buck is a great manager, but he just made that mistake in the playoff game. Easy for me to say with hindsight after the fact, but I kept waiting for him to put Britton out there.

      Well, one-half of that Series is set. It’s been a good year for Cleveland with the Cavs winning the NBA title and now the Indians in the Series. The Browns though…at this writing they are still a factory of sadness. Then again, my Ravens aren’t exactly trending upward either…

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      1. The O-line is banged up too. Four of the five starters last week (or maybe the week before) are playing out of position. Which has Joe getting hit more, or running for his life. Supposedly the shoulder injury isn’t a big deal, and he’s saying he’ll play Sunday. I guess we will see, since he hasn’t practiced. The bye week can’t come soon enough.

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  2. The epic championship drought for the Cubbies has pretty much defined the franchise. If they do win…… then what? While I don’t think Cubs fans are as insufferable as Red Sox fans were before, and especially after 2004, I think a bit of the mystique that attracts people to the team will be removed once they do finally win a World Series…

    Somebody needs to inform superstitious Giants fans that 2008 was also an even year…… as was 2002 when they LOST the Series to the Angels!

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    1. I agree with you about the Cubs. I would guess that the baseball writers would latch on to the team with the next largest drought, like maybe Cleveland or maybe the Nationals since that franchise has never won, so long as both are still good.


      1. YOU ALREADY KNOW!!!!!!
        I was all over it! Lady J and I πŸ™‚
        No shade meant Twin and I apologize; you are the bomb sportswriter :)—Er…blogger…Eh…You know what I’m saying πŸ™‚

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      1. Wait. You are citing baseball statistics? You don’t like baseball!

        Yes, 2016 is full of a lot of things…hmmm. That last sentence is full of some kind of meaning for you I’m guessing…

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  3. I’m an Akron, Ohio resident and native, so let me start by saying GO TRIBE!

    We here in Cleveland understand bitterness and disappointment when it comes to sports. We’re riding high on this years Championship. And the Indians? Like icing on the cake.

    But we’re happy for Chicago. Most Cleveland fans I know are thrilled we are playing the Cubs, and while a win would be nice for the first time since 1948, we would feel a great deal of happiness for Chicago if they won. We understand.

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    1. Hey there! Way to represent!

      Yes, I know that Cleveland sports fans know from heartache. With the Cavaliers winning the city’s first championship in any sport in over 50 years, there has been a lot of bitterness and disappointment.

      That Cleveland Indians team reminds me a bit of the KC Royals teams of the last couple seasons. They play well together and while they don’t necessarily “wow” you, they get the job done. A worthy team to root for, for sure. Good luck to them!


  4. I feel your pain T.Wayne. I live north of the border and NO, I do not cheer for the Blue Jays. I love baseball and the playoffs never get old. OK the games are way to long however, the intensity seems to make the game move by much more quickly. Why Showalter didn’t use Britton is a question a lot of people will be asking for quite some time. The Orioles had an excellent year, tough way to see the season end. I was pulling for Baltimore because I’m probably one of the few Canadians who absolutely can’t stand the Blue Jays. So I’ll leave you with this parting note, my team are the Montreal Expos. Only problem is they don’t exist anymore. At least you can cheer for a team that is firmly entrenched in the city in which it plays. I’m a die hard baseball fan withour a team to cheer for. So take heart, the Orioles are done but, when spring training starts next year, they’ll be back.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! The games are getting longer with all the replay challenges; but I’m not really that upset with those, I like to see them get the calls right if at all possible. Ah, the Expos! I know commentators fold them in with the Nationals now, but I understand your hurt. I always thought baseball would go back to Montreal, but as the years go by, it looks more and more unlikely.

      We did have a few years after the football Colts left town that fans thought ownership would move the O’s to DC (back when Washington didn’t have a team). That never happened, thankfully. And yes, Spring will come soon and we’ll have another season bringing us hope that the Orioles can end their own championship drought (33 years and counting)…


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