We’re Being Brainwashed into Racism and We Can Stop It

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Naked Thoughts

Racism isn’t something we’re born with, it’s something we learn.

And I think its ultimately about economic competition, though people don’t realize it. Especially the racists.

You see, before I was five years old, my family lived in a very diverse college town where my laid-back, liberal parents let me wander everywhere by myself. I’d just start knocking on doors, starting conversations with people, and my parents begin combing the neighborhood once it started getting dark.

One time, they found me eating dinner with a Mexican family. Another time, I was at an African immigrant’s apartment and he was showing me slides of African kids playing games, which I found super interesting. Yet another time, I was hanging out at some Lebanese guy’s place and he was playing Santa Esmerelda records while cooking lemon chicken and keeping me company.

I didn’t think anything about these people being “different” when I was a little kid. They were nice, which…

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