Go On And Make Your Mind Up

When is an Al Green record not an Al Green record? When the music sounds like something Green would have cut in his prime, but has names like Tommy Sims and Tony!Toni!Toné! attached.

That makes “faux” Al Green the Morning Grooves for the day.

First, Tommy Sims puts his entry in with “Alone.” Sims was in a gospel band called White Heart before leaving to become a session musician and work on his own solo career. He’s a Grammy Award winner for co-writing “Change The World” for Eric Clapton, as well as a double Grammy winner for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album for his work with Israel Houghton. Today’s song is from his solo release Peace And Love which came out in 2000.  Those strings alone make me think of Willie Mitchell at Royal Studios in Memphis, sitting in with Reverend Al tearing this one up. Perhaps that’s why I like this one so much.

Tony!Toni!Toné! have been written about before, and from the album House Of Music in particular, with the song “Still A Man.” While that may be my favorite song from that album, another fine song fronted by Raphael Saadiq would be this “tribute” to Al Green called “Thinking Of You.” Every time I hear it, I think of Green singing this one as well. Saadiq does his best impersonation of Green on the lead vocal. Take a listen and see what you think, though towards the end it gets a little bit humorous.

You know what? As much as I like the songs above, there ain’t nothing like hearing Al Green do Al Green.

Now that’s the genuine article right there.

Hope you enjoy the real and “faux” Al Green songs posted here today. Thanks for reading and listening.

12 Replies to “Go On And Make Your Mind Up”

  1. Now this is an ingenious concept Twin!
    There have been many faux Al Green submissions and I have to say that I like most of them.
    May I suggest a faux Marvin Gaye post?
    You’ve already done something similar with The Godfather right?
    I love it 🙂

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    1. Thank you Twin! Faux Marvin Gaye, huh? Let’s see, there’s El DeBarge, Robin Thicke….hmmm….I just might have to give that some thought.

      Funny thing is, I was supposed to feature something with drums, but it ended up being this while I was listening to Tommy Sims’ album last night, and the song “Peace And Love” specifically. That song is one of my favorites, mainly because I’ll listen to just about anything Marvin Winans sings.

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  2. As usual ‘skynet’ won’t let me see the videos, but I shall amble over to Spotify! The wonderfully odd thing was Al Green in theory was not my musically scene, but whenever I heard an Al Green song, I felt better.
    Ah my old dad was right about the goodness of Music.

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