Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Today is a special day here at A Joyful Process. Two years ago today, I began writing under this blog name. I won’t receive a notification from WordPress though; I’ve been blogging here under three different names for just over nine years now. But this blog is now two years old, with almost six hundred (600!) posts.

So here’s to posts about music, and about life. About growth and confidence, on and offline.

Here’s to posts about skittles, and popcorn. Posts about milestones, and tributes to musicians we’ve lost.

Here’s to some humor, and some seriousness. Some poetry, quote challenges, and awards too.

Most of all, here’s to you—those of you who come here, whether daily, every now and then or once in a blue moon—thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, laughing or enjoying the tunes.

Last but not least—here’s to another year!

55 Replies to “Happy Blogiversary To Me!”

  1. Congratulations … I always think that blog-o-versaries are nice milestones. Afterall, 90% of blogs that are created go silent after just 8 weeks. We are the very few with the dedication to keep ours out there … to keep sharing words and thoughts and ideas together. Yay! Congratulations!!

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  2. Well, Well, Well – on the day I decided to venture out of my hiding place, look at what I find. Congratulations T! This is staying power for sure – a whole 9 years all together. That is great and shows real commitment. I hope you are keeping well and sorry that I’m a stranger these days. Hope I’ll be able to catch up one of these days. For now though, I’ll let the music speak. Enjoy your Blogiversary Tracy. Best. Chevvy

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      1. Ah! I’m glad I made it here on the right day Tracy. I miss you guys but I’m still preoccupied with other stuff. I’m very well though and still loving da good music. How 2016 has raced along and what a year this has been! I’m hoping I’ll do a bit of blogging in December. Still, I admire your tenacity in keeping it going so long. Love and peace my friend!

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    1. Joan, thank you so much! It’s always a lot of fun when you visit and tell me your opinion on the songs I choose. I especially like it when you haven’t heard something and thrill to it on the first listen. Thank you again.

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  3. Congratulations. I hope people understand just what an accomplishment this really is. Your dedication to your blog is impressive, to say the least. As I said from the beginning, I have always enjoyed your work – your love of music, your intelligent perspective, your clarity of articulation on so many topics (even our favorite – baseball!!!) Keep doing what you are doing. It is a great gift to the world!

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