Stop Goin’ From Town To Town

Can you say killer groove? I think you can, and today’s Morning Groove has one heck of a killer groove. Start with that synth bass line. Add in the guitar part; emphasized more in the 12-inch version that I’ve posted here. The steady, pounding beat. The urgent vocals.

(starts the video and gets into a wicked two-step)….

(eight minutes later)

Oh. I almost forgot. “I’ll Be Good” by René & Angela, one of the biggest R&B hits and dance floor smokers of 1985, is today’s Morning Groove.

René Moore & Angela Winbush were a duo that lasted for four albums and six years, before conflicts and acrimony caused them to split up in 1986. Depending on which side you take, the pair split because of Winbush’s outside writing and production work for the Isley Brothers (Moore), or whether Moore was jealous because Winbush’s solo turn on the #1 R&B single “Your Smile,” and/or René’s alleged violent behavior (Winbush). Whatever the reason or reasons, the pair were coming off their most successful album, Street Called Desire. It contained four top ten R&B hits, of which the aforementioned “Your Smile” and today’s song were two. After the breakup, Winbush got the better end of that deal, having several top ten R&B hits of her own, a thriving production career (Sheena Easton, Stephanie Mills, The Isley Brothers) and even spent some time as the spouse to Ronald Isley. Moore pretty much faded from the spotlight, though he did write and produce some songs for Michael Jackson’s Dangerous and HIStory albums.

Please enjoy “I’ll Be Good,” and if you want to dance, go ahead. I already am….

(another eight minutes later)

As always, thanks for reading and listening. (For some of you, you might have seen this song before in a post from February. I’ve taken the liberty to rewrite portions of it).


11 Replies to “Stop Goin’ From Town To Town”

  1. What a workout, T.Wayne! You know people complain about synth beats but I always enjoyed them. This song put me right back in the club dancing my butt off & enjoying ladies night. Well drinks, $2! Thanks for the Wednesday groove. I am going to listen to some Peaches & Herb now.🎵

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  2. I just couldn’t believe how violent they say Rene was toward Angela. I saw it on an episode of Unsung, which I understand you cannot get.
    Anyway, she wasn’t the only one to allege it either.
    One thing’s for sure, they were the bomb on these grooves. We’ve already addressed “Imaginary Playmates.” YAAASSSS!

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