Ravens Review: They Show Up, They Fall Short

Today, I’m bringing out the Ravens Review for a one-time run, due to an obligation I have to another blogger (see further down in the post).

On most NFL Sundays, I am watching games with some friends of mine and usually don’t write a Ravens Review post, or at least I haven’t this season. I did do them last season, but waited until after all the day games were over on Sunday. I figure it would be rude to write while visiting with friends, so I don’t tweet games, make Facebook comments or work on blog posts while the games are on and I’m out. However, this week, my friends went on vacation, so I watched the game from my home.

The Ravens went down to Arlington to take on the NFL’s best team, the Dallas Cowboys. Prior to the game, the Ravens were the only team in the NFL that the Cowboys had never beaten. It was a small sample size, but in four tries, the Cowboys had never won. That string ended today, as the Cowboys defeated the Ravens 27-17. The Ravens loss can be summed up by two things: unfortunate penalties, and an inability in the second half to stop the Cowboys offense.

The Cowboys basically controlled the game after halftime, dominating time of possession and scoring seventeen points to break open what was a 10-10 tie at halftime. For me, watching the game was like knowing the inevitable was going to happen. The Ravens would play well enough in the first half to be competitive, but have enough to go wrong in the second half to come out on the losing end. I will give the Ravens credit, they made the Cowboys work for it; but in the end the Cowboys were just that much better.

As far as that obligation, some of you may know that Lisa A., the blogger from Life Of An El Paso Woman, is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. We’ve been talking for months about this game, going back and forth with each other about who was going to win. So after a while, we agreed to a bet. This would be the second bet with Lisa, as we had a wager back in the spring on the NCAA basketball tournament. We agreed to make the same wager as we did then on today’s game. As her team came out on top, I made my payment and as part of the deal, had to write a post about the game and our little bet. Congratulations, Lisa and now we are even for the year.

The dirty details. 

Unfortuately, there may be one more bet I will have to make on the Ravens. You would think after today, and the two that I lost last season, that I would stop. But no, for as much of a die-hard as Lisa is for her Cowboys, that’s how I go with my Ravens. Two weeks from today, the Ravens take on the Dolphins. One of my friends is a Dolphins fan, and this will be the third time we have had a friendly bet on the matchup between the two. I won the first one, but he won last year. I’m not sure what we will be wagering, but I won’t have to wear his Dan Marino jersey at happy hour this year.

For those of you expecting the music, I will return to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow morning with ’80’s Mania Mondays. I believe this post fulfills the obligation set forth by Lisa A., and I can put Ravens Review back in the closet until the next time I feel it should come back out. Like maybe after a Super Bowl win or something.

8 Replies to “Ravens Review: They Show Up, They Fall Short”

    1. I will say the Ravens are better than they were last year. The defense is better, even as they were helpless to get Dallas off the field in the second half. The offense needs work. Steve Smith Sr. is a warrior though.

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