Opening Up Slowly

It’s happening again

Another time when yes means no

And you walk away as if nothing has changed

You decide that enough was enough

And leave me and my life rearranged

Like when you gave me faith

Then took my hope

Like it was yours all along

Once again, rejection is a reflection in a pool

But it all seems so wrong

Except this time

I can face it and deal

Not going to crawl back into that shell

This time, hope and faith belong to me

Not going back to that hell

I put myself out

I made myself vulnerable

I took my best shot, and fell short

But the boat cannot go forward

If it stays on the shore

Just another poem I was playing around with. A reminder to stay positive; to remember to not compare myself to others, and to keep getting up and moving forward, even if there are setbacks.

33 Replies to “Opening Up Slowly”

  1. I feel your pain but I also feel the resolve in your words, T.Wayne! I did not know you were a poet. When we let others in, we make ourselves vulnerable. Sometimes the people that become part of our inner circle are not worthy. This person could definitely not see your light. Shine on because we can see it! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Susan! I only started writing poetry this year; I was encouraged to try by a fellow blogger months ago. I’ve only published a few of them; they are scattered around the blog.

      As to your comment, that is exactly the sentiment I was trying to portray in the poem. Thanks for the compliments too! πŸ™‚

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  2. You are killing me Twin! You really should have done this a long time ago. It’s amazing how we convince ourselves that we cannot do something and most times we are sooooo wrong!
    Please publish more like this πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, perhaps I should have, given the reaction I’ve received from the few poems I have published. I actually started this one five months ago and forgot about it until Sunday. There was something about it I didn’t like, so I revisited it last night.

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  3. Wow! I am so thrilled to see this! You did this – I am so proud. You know I was a teacher once upon a time and how I feel is when a student achieves a A. But of course this is all yours, your pain and hurt and then your resolve and strength. I guess that’s what I love about poetry, how it helps you alter perspectives,grow and move forward. Well done Tracy. You know what you say here reminds me of the Anita Baker song that I said made me feel sad. There’s a risk always but still we love.

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    1. Thank you Chevvy. I wrote this in memory of where I was seemingly a long time ago, but really not all that far away. I remember thinking that you might not ever see this, but I am glad that you did, and especially glad that you liked it. Thank you for giving me the push to do these. πŸ™‚

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      1. Well, since you sound like you put distance between the experience and now – you are hopefully in a better space. When I started blogging, I had been writing poems more for my own capturing of treasured memories. However, I did not consider myself a poet. Somehow, blogging just channelled me that way and I have found it to be a rewarding medium to make sense of things. I hope that’s how it feels for you. πŸ˜€

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      2. Thank you, and yes I am in a better space.

        As I write more poems, I think it becomes more likely that it will be more rewarding for me. Honestly, at the moment I think I’m trying way too hard. I just want to get to point that when I want to write one, it gets a little bit easier.

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      3. It does get easier, more so if you are feeling the emotion or write as soon as you are struck by a thought. But I’d say do it only when you are comfortable to. You write so well and knowledgeably – writing just suits you!

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      4. I appreciate that, Chevvy. That is high praise, from you. I think I made a comment that I had a ways to go to get to where you and Joan are with your poems. The two of you give me something to aspire to. I admire what the both of you do.

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      5. I was once a teacher LOL so I guess the spirit of encouraging my students has not left me even though I stopped teaching many years ago. I guess teaching never left me then. But thank you too for your appreciation. It is very encouraging. Sweet dreams!

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