It Takes A Lot Of Money To Make It

This is that post where Lisa A. can have some fun with me.

I don’t know too many people who don’t have celebrity crushes. Certainly I have a few of mine, many of which I have listed in other blogger’s posts, or in discussions with other people on or offline. Anyway, I’ve been writing about music on this blog for much of the year and have yet to feature a song by one of my biggest celebrity crushes. That ends today.

I didn’t pick her biggest hit. I didn’t pick a song that is originally hers. I didn’t even pick my favorite song by her…then again, I’m trying to think what my favorite song is that she has performed. Perhaps I’m too dumbstruck by her looks to remember what that is. Whatever…today’s song is “Work To Do,” the Isley Brothers classic as performed by my celebrity crush: Vanessa Williams.

Granted, she is easy on the eyes, but what impresses me most about Vanessa Williams is the fact that she rose above the scandal that caused her to lose her Miss America crown to become one of the most multi-talented performers of the last thirty years. Acting in movies, on television or on Broadway, singing and having both pop and R&B hits…she’s proven to be one of the best, in my humble opinion.

I chose “Work To Do” because it’s a classic song. The Isley Brothers version (which they also wrote) is the best to me. But I like this one too, and the rap verse from Dres of Black Sheep (“The Choice Is Yours”) actually fits well with the song. Maybe next time I choose a song from Vanessa, it might be her duet with Brian McKnight (“Love Is”), or “Dreamin’.” It probably won’t be “Save The Best For Last,” which is her biggest hit. Could be my favorite song of hers, “The Way That You Love Me” (I snapped out of it long enough to remember what that song was). Guess you’ll have to hang around to find out…but if it took me all these months to pick a Vanessa song, you may have to wait awhile for the next one. Or it could happen tomorrow. You never know.

Selfishness wins out today for me. I posted some eye candy for myself. I hope you enjoy the song, but as I often say, your mileage may vary. Thanks for reading and listening, and for indulging me in a little celebration of one of my celebrity crushes. Feel free to name some of yours if you wish, in the comments.

19 Replies to “It Takes A Lot Of Money To Make It”

  1. There is definitely nothing wrong with the stunning Ms. Williams. You are right, she has the vocal prowess to match her looks. How much did you dislike Rick Fox, T.Wayne? ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for celeb crushes, so many, so little time, lol! Another great installment!

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  2. Vanessa is gorgeous and I felt her being stripped of the Miss America title was just so wrong. But yes, she came out on top and she is one talented lady! As for celebrity crushes…. ummm… I guess really only one comes to the front of my mind, my boy Michael Buble. Oh wait, I kind of crush on Richard Sherman too (#25)… love everything about him (but that’s kind of wrong for me to admit as I’m probably old enough to be his mother, so, ewww, I shouldn’t say that, I should just say I admire him to the point of gaga, :D)

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    1. I recall your Michael Bublรฉ crush, Paula from a while ago over at your blog! No shame with that, he’s a smooth singer, and I do like his music. Haha on your Richard Sherman crush! He’s very talented, and he’s a smart guy too. I am a fan of his (except when the Seahawks play the Ravens).

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  3. Twin! I actually read this post before and I left a comment. Do you think it could be in your spam file?
    One day last week, I had to make the same comment 10 times on Ron’s blog and all of them went to his spam file! Ugggh!
    You know, I think she did a VERY nice job on this remake but NOT nobody can do it like The Isley brothers. I even like AWB’s version ๐Ÿ™‚

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