I’m So Glad I Found Someone Just Like You

How many times do you hear a song credited to someone and you have to listen carefully to find where they are? Usually, people who sing are heard handling the lead vocal. Instrumentalists are heard playing their instrument. In some cases, a name serves as a figurehead, such as those albums credited to Quincy Jones. In Jones’ case, especially on his R&B albums, he is given credit for production and arrangements, but rarely ever performs on any of the songs.

Today’s song serves up one of those mysteries. The song “Love Has Come Around” was a popular R&B and dance song back in 1981. It was credited to Donald Byrd & 125th Street, N.Y.C. To this day, I’m not sure who or what was 125th Street, N.Y.C., but Donald Byrd, I am familiar with. A jazz trumpeter who was one of the finer practitioners of what was considered hard bop jazz in the 1950s and 1960s, Byrd switched to jazz funk music in the early 70’s as fusion became popular. By the end of the decade his music, which was considered innovative in the early part of the decade, started to slide toward disco in some cases. This was one of those R&B/dance records that came from his 125th Street N.Y.C. phase.

“Love Has Come Around” is today’s Morning Groove.

As for the mystery in this record, the only way you can tell Byrd is on it is that he might be part of the horn section. There are no trumpet solos on this song; just horn lines straight out of the Earth, Wind & Fire playbook. Byrd was never much of a singer, and though there are vocals on this song, I’d be hard pressed to believe he is singing, unless he is in the chorus sections. Credit (or blame) for making one of the great trumpet players of the era disappear from his own song goes to Isaac Hayes, who was sitting in the producer’s chair for this track. The song sounds great, much like a Hayes song from that era, but you wonder if Byrd had second thoughts about putting his name on a track where he really doesn’t feature.

Despite Byrd’s disappearing act (if he was truly disappeared), I love this song. I play it from time to time to remind me of an era gone by, but mostly to thrill to that beat and those horn lines. It sounds much like a dance/R&B track would sound in 1981, but this song is truly a producer’s record more than an artist’s one. While this may not be up there on a level with his early 70s output, it’s still good to me.

I hope you enjoy “Love Has Come Around,” and as always thanks for reading and listening.

28 Replies to “I’m So Glad I Found Someone Just Like You”

    1. It’s a wonderful song that a lot of people don’t know very well. I may grouse about how Donald Byrd was ghosted or might have been hidden on his own song, but Isaac Hayes production, the music and even the vocals are terrific.

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      1. A lot of songs from the disco era and the so-called “disco backlash” that followed produced a great number of danceable songs that I am fond of. It has been often said that dance music in those days didn’t really disappear, it just went underground, so it was still around for those who wanted to hear it. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one.

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      2. I only really know of them through two songs, “Cherchez La Femme” which you’ve posted the video (thank you very very much!) and “Sunshower”; though the latter mostly through the samples in hip-hop songs. “Cherchez” is one of my favorites from that era. Their ability to pair dance music with other genres like big band and swing music wasn’t like anyone else during that era.

        I also know that August Darnell and Coati Mundi (Andy Hernandez) went on to form Kid Creole and the Coconuts and had a hit with “I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby” that I also like.

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  1. Beautiful! You know I’m a sucker for horns. I almost ordered some brass Christmas ornaments out of a catalog–a little tiny horn section, so to speak. Thanks for bringing a little groove to a gray day. πŸ™‚

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  2. I see Isaac Hayes produced this record. Far cry from “Chocolate Salty Balls” and “Shaft” lol. This song does get your feet tapping. I was tempted to boogie down in the living room and it’s almost 11 pm! Something about a horn section which is rarely used these days unless you are old school. Thanks so much T. Wayne for bringing back the joyful groove!

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    1. Isaac Hayes was an amazing musician, going all the way back to his days writing with David Porter creating a wealth of great soul classics for the duo Sam & Dave (“Hold On, I’m Comin” “When Something Is Wrong With My Baby,” “Soul Man”). He had several different phases to his career for sure. I’m glad you liked this one; you should have boogied! Or you can wait and play it and get your groove on at a more desirable hour…:)

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