Jam It Or Slam It? Soul Basement

Life can hand you little surprises. I had one of those on Friday. I was going through my inbox when I found an email from Fabio Puglisi, an Italian musician who is professionally known as Soul Basement. So, imagine my surprise when I got this message:

Hi dear T. Wayne, how are you? Hope all is well with you and yours.

My name’s Fabio, and I’m an Italian musician/producer better known as Soul Basement.

I just completed the recording of my new album “What We Leave Behind”, feat. Jay Nemor, and I’m currently sending it to the media for eventual reviews.

It’s all about jazz, soul and those good old school moods, yet looking towards the future, in the same style as Gregory Porter, Jose James etc…

He also sent me a promo copy of the full album, and a link to the video for the  first single, “Noise Pollution.” He also asked that I write a review of the album for the blog.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a musician or band send me music to check out, but most of it wasn’t something that I was interested in. I was intrigued when he mentioned the artists Gregory Porter and Jose James. Both of them are highly regarded vocalists that lean somewhat more towards jazz than R&B, but there are influences of both in each of their work. So I replied to Mr. Puglisi that I would certainly listen to his songs, and after I give the album a few spins (I’ve listened to it twice this weekend), I’ll write a review for the blog, that I hope to have published sometime this week.

For now though, I leave the single “Noise Pollution” in this post for a Jam It or Slam It poll. The song, as well as the album, features vocals and some spoken word sections by Jay Nemor, who has a deep, rich baritone voice. In listening to “Noise Pollution,” I was struck by two things: first, I wish I had heard this before the recent Presidential election; and second, Nemor’s voice reminds me of the late Gil Scott-Heron quite a bit.

If you can recall some of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson’s music from the 1970’s, this song is in that kind of a style. Scott-Heron’s lyrics and songs often touched on politics and issues affecting people of color, and this song certainly fits in that box. Nemor’s vocals and his opening spoken-word about who he would vote for sound like things Scott-Heron would have said. The music is solid as well. It’s nice to hear songs that are about something, as opposed to a lot of what passes for R&B today. So I’ll jam this one; though I don’t think I’ll spend my last dime on it—Christmas is coming after all!


15 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It? Soul Basement”

  1. While I like the message, I am going to slam it. It had a sort of amateurish production value that could have used a little polish. The groove had potential but there is an art to rap singing as you well know, T. Wayne. Sorry I couldn’t jam. 😦

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    1. No worries, Susan. I liked it more for what it said than it’s production values; plus to me it reminds me of the old Gil Scott-Heron tracks moreso than what an artist like Drake, for example does. There are few, if any, doing songs like those old tracks from the 70s.

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      1. I’d be in favor of that. I believe he has that nightly show gig…but I think he was also working on the Hamilton Mixtape too. If he did do this, it would have something that the original lacks.

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      2. Yes. However, I guess it is one of those cases where we have to give the artist a chance to grow. LOL. Yeah, Quest has that little thing with Jimmy Fallon and then that other little thing with Lin Manuel Miranda. I wish I could have 2 of those “little” things going on. LOL.

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