Funky Friday: E-Flat Boogie

Before I begin this post, some of you may have noticed that there wasn’t a song posted yesterday, or for that matter, anything posted yesterday. My laptop was having some issues, and so I reset (meaning reinstalled) Windows 10. Things are working much better now, but I have to find and reinstall some of the apps that I had before.

As for today’s song, I decided to go back to the early days of go-go, a music that gets featured every now and then on this blog. Go-go, if you aren’t familiar, is a style of music that is native to Washington, DC. I’ve written about it several times; a brief description of how it was created can be found in this post.

The band Trouble Funk was one of the earliest great bands on the go-go scene. Not too long after Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers had put go-go on the map with the #1 R&B single “Bustin’ Loose,” Trouble Funk managed to get their first single on the Billboard R&B chart, and that song was “E-Flat Boogie.” The song has all the earmarks of a funk record: horns, funky bassline, call and response vocals (much like James Brown), and a groove that just goes and goes. But it merges with go-go style percussion and the feel of the music that was born in the District.

Trouble Funk was one of the music’s most influential bands. Their first album was released on Sugarhill Records, home of the Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and a provider of rap’s early hit records. Their song “Pump You Up” has been sampled and revered for years. During their heyday, Trouble Funk played with punk bands in DC on the same show. Even though they didn’t become a national sensation, the band continued to play in the DC area, and a version of the band, led by longtime bassist Big Tony Fisher, still plays shows today.

Here’s a little something different for your Friday. I hope you enjoy this go-go classic, and that you have a great Friday! Thanks as always for reading and listening.

19 Replies to “Funky Friday: E-Flat Boogie”

  1. Yes! Nothing like some go-go to wake you up! Sorry about the lappy woes, T.Wayne. Glad to hear they aren’t keeping you down.
    I was introduced to this style of music by a colleague a few years back. Funk inspired so many styles of music. We hear it today in Bruno Mars & even Daft Punk!
    Great blog to end the week. Thanks, T.Wayne!

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    1. Thankfully the woes weren’t major. Just some things that the computer, Windows 10 specifically, should have been doing that it wasn’t. I figured a reinstall (while keeping my files intact) would fix things and they have.

      That is a good point you make about the influence of funk on today’s music, Susan. Bruno Mars, especially, has jumped in with both feet on his new album. I suspect the success of “Uptown Funk” also helped in that regard.

      Go-Go is the Distrct’s music. As good as it is on record, it is so much better live. Thanks so much Susan, and I’m glad you like this go-go classic.

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  2. Hubby had issues with Windows 10, so I keep preventing my computer from installing it. Sooner or later, I’ll have to, I know. Great funky tune, love the drum lead-in, horns, keyboard, and that reverberating alto bass line. Nice pick! 🙂

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    1. Hi Joan! Thanks, for the kind words about today’s song. Thankfully, the issues with Windows 10 were minor, just some things that it should have been doing that it wasn’t. Doing a reinstall (while saving my files) took care of the problems, but I still had to bring back all the apps that were lost. I actually like Windows 10, it’s way better than Windows 8 was.

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    1. That go-go Twin! Even the old stuff is good for what ails ya! LOL

      I’m so glad you liked this one. I hadn’t heard it for ages before I put it in this post. I’m so pleased at the response it has gotten from folks who had never heard it before.

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