Smooth Jazz Sunday: One Summer Night In Brazil

It isn’t even officially winter yet, but areas are seeing snow and cold temperatures. Yes, it is December, and as we get closer to Christmas and dreams of white ones, cold air has to be in place. Doesn’t mean that I have to like it though.

So for Smooth Jazz Sunday, I went looking for a song to remind me of warmer temperatures. Not only does this song do that, it also reminds me of the Summer Olympics in Rio. The Rippingtons’ “One Summer Night In Brazil” is the smooth jazz song for today. Even though Summer in Brazil is actually about to begin, though in some weird way, I guess this works.

The Rippingtons were originally a group of session musicians who got together to make one album. That album, Moonlighting, proved to be such a big hit when released in 1986 that the one-off album making session musicians became an actual band. No less an authority than Jazziz magazine called the album the best contemporary jazz album of all time. By 1989, the Rippingtons had became one of the biggest names in contemporary jazz. The album Tourist In Paradise, from which today’s song is taken, was another popular release. And one of the more popular songs from that album was “One Summer Night In Brazil.”

The first thing you notice is the soundscape, created by percussionist Steve Reid. The song gradually increases in tempo, but then settles back down to its opening pace and the return of the exotic sounds from the opening. Group leader Russ Freeman’s guitar and Brandon Fields’ saxophone are the featured instruments in what is a very cool, smooth way to kick off a morning, even if the track is named for the night.

I hope you enjoy “A Summer Night In Brazil,” and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

24 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: One Summer Night In Brazil”

    1. Love, “Fragile”! Thanks, Susan!

      Of course, every time someone mentions “Fragile” or I think of it, I always think of Isaac Hayes. Some years back he did a “Life’s Mood Suite” that includes his cover of Sting’s classic song. The whole thing makes “Fragile” almost unrecognizable, but then, that was Isaac’s way.

      As for today’s song, yes this is a perfect way to gently ease into a Sunday, or any day. And make me think of warmer temperatures and lower electric bills! 🙂

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    1. A wonderful visual you have supplied with your beachside café Paula! Perhaps if I play this enough times I can actually visualize myself sitting right there with my own beverage, rather than these 30-40 degree temperatures…of course, I think I may protest too much. It can always get colder—we haven’t even hit January or February yet!

      Glad you like this song Paula, I hope it was a nice accompaniment to your morning (with tea at least, if not the café)…

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  1. T :
    Very nice reminder of warmer days 🙂
    Is Jeff Kashiwa on this one Twin?
    Or have I gotten my groups mixed up?
    You are better with identifying jazz artists than I am.
    Either way, I’m enjoying it 🙂
    Thanks for the percolation!

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    1. Hi Twin! Jeff Kashiwa joined I believe after this album. After looking up the credits for the album this song was featured on, I don’t see his name. I know for sure he was on Curves Ahead, which was two albums after this one. What I think happened was he joined the band before this album, but wasn’t featured until the next one, Welcome To The St. James’ Club.

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